It’s fine to miss having a haircut

Good day dear reader.  I hope you are well.  These are difficult times indeed and as we pass the eighth week of lockdown it's amazing to think that we've actually done it.  It's not finished, of course, but if someone had said to you this time last year that pubs, clubs and non-essentials shops would … Continue reading It’s fine to miss having a haircut

A Note to the Selfish People

For this next Lockdown Note I had been going to write about mental health but I’m shunting that a couple of days as I have a few things to read about this current pandemic and mental health and also because something annoyed me and I feel I should write about how selfish some people really … Continue reading A Note to the Selfish People

Say Hello for your Mental Health

Lockdown has been a strange time.  In normal times I walk in and around my local area and we’re lucky to have such a beautiful area to walk around in.  Edinburgh is incredibly lucky that it has so many places of beauty all within a city.  We really don’t have to travel far to find … Continue reading Say Hello for your Mental Health

The Queue Issue

Since lockdown started we’ve been asked to queue outside supermarkets so that they can limit how many are in the store at any one time. I completely agree with this and have been observing social distancing. At first our local Sainsbury’s wasn’t sure how they wanted people to queue so it was a bit of … Continue reading The Queue Issue

For those who have no choice – Stay Home and Be Kind

On the 15th of February this year (2020) the television presenter Caroline Flack took her own life aged forty.  She had had an altercation with her boyfriend that ended up involving the police and court, but the media ripped her to shreds and social media did its absolute worst without knowing the truth behind the … Continue reading For those who have no choice – Stay Home and Be Kind

In Lockdown – Coping

As I write this I am sitting watching Contagion on ITV2.  Quite why they've decided this should remain on the schedule is beyond.  Though I am watching it and the parallels at the start of the film with what is going on right now are scary.  "Somewhere in the world the wrong pig met up … Continue reading In Lockdown – Coping

Don’t forget the other coronoviruses

Being a member of a few social media sites I am noticing that people on Facebook are really freaking out about coronavirus.  Now, I'm not saying don't be alarmed by it, I'm just saying, step back, take a deep breath and try to think about how things really are. The population of the United Kingdom … Continue reading Don’t forget the other coronoviruses

Selfish in Covid-19

I'm considering not picking up The Dugs toilet during this pandemic of Covid-19, firstly known as coronavirus.  There's a good reason for this that has nothing to do with laziness, because I do believe that we should bag and bin it.  Hence the reason my dog-walking jacket has an entire pocket full of little black … Continue reading Selfish in Covid-19

Can’t win a derby if our team is too soft

Last week I was annoyed with the SFA for the possible postponement of the derby if there had to be a replay of the Scottish Cup match between Hearts and Club 2012.   Then coronavirus started appearing and I imagined the derby either getting played behind closed doors or postponed.  All I wanted was for this … Continue reading Can’t win a derby if our team is too soft

Do you sneeze in your sleep?

Welcome back reader, here is the next installment in what strange things go through my brain when I am trying to sleep. You'll remember, if it didn't make you catatonic, a post I wrote a few weeks ago about canals and why don't they flood, which resulted in some decent knowledge, for me anyway, about … Continue reading Do you sneeze in your sleep?