Facebook cut their comments down (17 March 2011)


I noticed today that Facebook has changed the functionality of its comments.  Previously when you commented on someone’s status you could press ENTER to get a new line, twice to get a new paragraph and continue on a while until you got your point across and then you used your mouse to click on Enter (the word) to share your comment.

Now when you hit ENTER via the key you automatically get your commented added.  Why is this?
Does Facebook only want quick answers? Are they discouraging people away from ranting posts? Discouraging them away from long answers on statuses?

Is that’s the case then I am upset.  I look for long answers on my statues.  I want them.  I enjoy them and a lot of my followers look for them.  They don’t want short, snappy responses.  If they want that they’ll go to Twitter.

But they may go to Twitter now to advertise their blogs as people seem to be encouraged towards having their own blogs if they want their own piece with a comments section allowing lengthy comments in discussion.