I went on a date once (23 April 2011)

I went on a date once.  Well, more than once but this particular time was about five years ago and it was…a blind date, set up between my friend and her other friend.  It was the other friend’s brother.

I had never been on a blind date before and I was extremely nervous.  Ordinary dates brought out the nerves but to not even know what the person you were going on a date sounded like meant anything was possibly.  Scary.

So the night dawned and off I went, dressed up to the nines.  Well maybe the eight and a halves, and took the bus into town and to the place we were meeting.  

First impressions were good.  He was pretty good looking, he sounded OK and he bought the first round.  All going well.  We had a good conversation, we had similar likes and dislikes.  So it was going fine and we both started to relax.

However, after he’d sunk a few pints I noticed the tone of his conversation was changing.  The true person was coming out and he was extremely racist.  Plus he was swearing more.  I have the odd swear myself, as those who know me can testify, particularly when I lose my temper, although that doesn’t happen too often.  This date of mine was cursing his way through sentences and starting to be a general irritation.  And, you’ll love this, he was eyeing up other women.  Well, trying to eye them up, by this stage he couldn’t actually get his eyes to both go in the same direction.
I decided the night should end and finished my drink thinking ‘time to escape’.  The bus stop was just across the street so I thought he might just let me go.

Oh no.  He insisted on escorting me to the bus stop but I should just let him finish his pint.  Well, the glass had three-quarters left.  I’m not a rude person so I waited it out, trying to keep the conversation neutral so as to avoid any further racist rants or bouts of swearing.

Finally he finished his pint and staggered across the street beside me.  Then, oh yes, then he tried to snog me.  Thankfully the bus came just then and I managed to get away from him before I was completely slobbered on.  He thanked me for a nice evening, I mumbled something about having a good night and literally leapt onto the bus.

Thankfully he never called me again.

This blog is dedicated to anyone who has ever been on a bad date.