Scotand votes on May 5 – don’t let others decide who you vote for (17 April 2011)

I have had a relatively politics free day today, bypassing political programmes to see a bit of football.  Hibs getting beat 2-1 at home by Hamilton and Liverpool securing a 1-1 draw with Arsenal at the Emirates.

Tonight though there is a political debate being held in Glasgow, and shown live on TV, on the future of the Scottish economy.  On May 5, the entire country goes to the polls and in Scotland we’ll be voting on who will be in our devolved parliament.  

Now I’m not naive enough to believe that everyone is like me and eats up Scottish and British politics but I do believe that everyone should have an interest in it.  I am firm believer that one of the reasons that people don’t have any kind of interest is because they aren’t really taught anything about it in school but that, for the moment, is another point.

What worries me is that only a couple of weeks away from voting I’m hearing things like “Well, I’ll vote for whoever is first on the list” or they won’t vote for a certain party because of something they read in a news paper.  Some people are not voting for a party because they believe in what that party believes, they’re voting for them because someone else told them to.

I believe in knowing a little is better than knowing nothing.  Politics affects everyone and just about everything so it can only help people if they keep a passing interest in it beyond what is it written in the press.