Dave and Nick, their first anniversary 10 May 2011)

Well, tomorrow it will have been a year since David Cameron and Nick Clegg came together and finalised the formation of the coalition government.

A year ago we had rose gardens and were given the impression of great friendship between the two.  We were given the idea that they were mates who texted each other often and everything was going to go smoothly.

Well no.  A year later and they’re starting to niggle each other.  Nick Clegg’s popularity has plunged from hero to zero.  Previously he was seen guffawing at the littlest thing as he sat beside DC at PMQ’s now he barely manages a smile while the rest of the house laughs uproariously.

Truly the honeymoon is over for Dave and Nick and it’s Nick who’s feeling the strain.  Being in power might not be all he wished it would be.  His party looks divided, it’s suffered crushing defeats in the recent elections and someone let Vince loose again.  

However, watching him on Andrew Marr on Sunday morning I didn’t see a man defeated.  He’s certainly come up fighting…but for how long? And will his party do the same?