"Fare Dodger" thrown from a train for not producing a ticket (14 December 2011)

Another week, another video Internet hit.  Previously we had racist rants being filmed, and not covertly either, and this week we have the ScotRail Fare Dodger.  That should read “alleged” fare dodger, obviously.

Sam Main is the alleged dodger and he readily admits he was half asleep after being out celebrating after an exam.  He’s 19-years old and studying surveying.  A conductor asks him for his ticket and he produces the wrong one.  Words are exchanged, some curses by Sam, and all of a sudden, for no reason, a ‘big man’ stands up and has a quick word with the conductor.  The man then hauls Sam from his seat and drags him to the door before throwing, yes throwing, him out onto the platform.  He doesn’t land well.  On his face some reports say and there is a picture of Sam with a grazed face and this apparently happened as a result of this incident.

As I understand it, Sam tried to get back onto the train, not necessarily to continue with his journey but to collect his bag which rightfully belongs to him, remember, he has committed no crime (that is proven at this point) but has been accused of one.  If reports are right then he was pretty desperate to get his bag back, not only did it contain his belongings but also his medication.

He was shoved and pushed away from the train.

If you’ve watched the two and a bit minute video then you have to ask yourself, what actually occurred on that train? There was no lengthy debate or argument, it all happened in a couple of moments, there was no physical aggression from Sam towards the conductor or any other passenger, yet within that two and a bit minutes he is hauled from his seat and launched from the train.  

Even if Sam had dodged his ticket, this treatment is not justified given the circumstances surrounding the incident.