Having a bad week? You’re not alone the SNP can sympathise (3 April 2012)

It’s been a bit of an odd week for the SNP (and it’s only Tuesday).  North Lanarkshire Council candidate Lyall Duff, who is standing for election in the Murdostoun ward, may find his campaign difficult because the SNP have had to suspend him.  There is now immense pressure on Alex Salmond to sack the member from the party after Duff described two midwives as “money grabbing old witches”.  What did they do to him personally? Not a thing.  They’re Catholic women who refused to carry out abortions.  They took their fight to court, lost, and for this Mr Duff attacked them.

Lyall Duff also suggested that RBS branch staff should be burned as well as various rants against RBS and Fred Goodwin.  He called RBS staff “Scotland’s shame” but I have to say, Mr Duff, that you are, in fact, Scotland’s shame.  You were put forward to perhaps represent the people of Murdostoun and you have failed them.  

No doubt many people will be breathing a sigh of relief that Duff was found out before the council elections.  As a candidate it’s embarrassing for the SNP but if this had come out after the elections and he was on the council, it would have been more damaging for the SNP.  At least, at the moment, they can quietly forget about him.

Thomas Ball may have a little bit of sympathy for him, he’s the charming bloke who resigned his SNP membership in March after calling military personnel in Afghanistan “child killers”.    

Back to Lyall Duff.  Will Alex Salmond sack him? Perhaps.  Although Alex is having his own fair share of troubles at the moment.  He’s been accused of rigging the independence consultation after it emerged that people could respond numerous times anonymously.  Fair play to the SNP, they swiftly acted (read – screaming u-turn) on this and have said that anonymous responses would not form part of the final analysis.

If only that were all though.

For some reason the SNP are refusing a Freedom of Information request for correspondence between Sir Brian Souter and Alex Salmond to be released.  There’s nothing to say that because this information has been requested that it must be given but it does make the electorate wonder why they won’t release it if the content is harmless.

Add to that the various suggestions that Salmond is courting millionaires, both new and old, and criticism over his apparent inability or unwillingness to try and reign in the cyber-nats – it’s not been a great start to the week.  In his defence though, he can’t wholly be responsible for the cyber-nats.

However, everyone has a bad week in politics.  This appears to be Salmond’s and the SNP’s.  Next week it’ll be someone else.  Though, Salmond does need to try and get the party message back out there because at the minute it’s lost in a mire of speculation and doubt.

A Bit About Joan

Next we have Joan McAlpine.  In her blog today she waxed lyrical about Keir Hardie and how he would be a SNP supporter if he were around today.  He’s not though, he died nearly one hundred years ago.  There’s no doubt that Hardie loved Scotland but he might not have necessarily supported the SNP.  Hardie was, and Joan doesn’t mention this, MP in West Ham and in Wales.  He may have been quite the supporter of Scotland but his preferred occupation was to fight for the working classes whether they be in Scotland, England or Wales.  He represented them all and everywhere.

Joan also refers to his death as being of a broken heart because of the Labour party’s support of the First World War.  I do hate to break it to Joan but he died, aged 59, as I understand it, after suffering several strokes.