Is Rab C Nesbitt telling Scotland to cut down on the drink? (3 November 2011)

I’ve noticed something this week that may or may not be accurate but it certainly is something which has happened with ‘good timing’.

My last blog was about Scotland’s drink problem and that may be a factor into why I have noticed this interesting thing, which actually happened last night.

I was watching Rab C Nesbitt on BBC2.  I have really enjoyed this series.  I did think it would be complete and utter drivel but I have been proven wrong and I’m glad.  Anyway, what I noticed last night was that committed alcoholic Rab C was actually giving out messages against drinking.

Throughout the series I have noticed that he’s tee-total, even though he consistently falls off

the wagon, but when he’s sober he’s quite against the drink.  He’s been coming out with comments about how the doctor has told him if he stays on the drink he’ll be dead within 6 months and Mary Doll has been alternating between dreading this eventuality and preparing for it.  

Last night he stood in front of his grand-daughters classmates and tried to tell them he was not something to aspire to.  
I can’t remember the exact wording but that was the message – don’t be him.

There was also a scene with him sitting in the pub with Jamesie and Andra and while they were supping on pints, he was happily sipping a glass of water and it seemingly wasn’t bothering him.
So I have to wonder, and I may be wrong, has this series of Rab C Nesbitt had a subliminal message? Is Scotland’s best known alcoholic trying to tell us not to drink?

I may wrong and completely well off the mark with that but it’s a thought.