Murdoch closes NotW and acknowledges problem but Rebekah Brooks remains in NI job (7 July 2011)

I have to admit I was fairly shocked to read the Tweets this afternoon that Murdoch had decided to close down the News of the World Sunday paper as of this Sunday.  It’s not a decision I was overly impressed with.  This is 2011, nine whole years since Milly Dowler went missing, nine whole years since her phone was allegedly hacked by Glen Mulcaire working for the News of the World and, by default Rebakah Brooks.  That is the key point.  How many people are still working for the paper or News International who were there 9 years ago? Not many I would imagine but one person certainly was.

Rebekah Brooks was the editor of the News of the World at the time that it’s alleged that Milly Dowler had her phone hacked but somehow Murdoch doesn’t think she’s accountable.  Why? She was in charge of the paper at the time, therefore she takes responsibility for the actions of the newspaper whether she knew about what was going on, or, as is being claimed, she was on holiday and knew nothing about it.

It’s a bad manager that doesn’t know what’s going on in the company that they run and, if reports are true, hacking was rife back in the day and I can’t believe for one moment that any editor in charge of the paper around that time had no idea what was going on.  Why is Rebekah Brooks being protected? There is said to be confidence in Brooks within News International and to me that stinks.  Who else would look at what Murdoch is looking at and doesn’t doubt Rebekah Brooks?

Instead scores of workers now face the hunt for a new job.  Maybe some of them will be absorbed into other positions within NI and maybe the won’t.  Perhaps the Sun will become a 7 day outfit, perhaps it won’t but at the end of the day, innocent people face unemployment and Rebekah Brooks keeps her job.  

Apparently she’s offered to resign and it’s not been accepted.  More fool Murdoch.  The general feeling is that what we’ve already been told about the phones that have been alleged to have been hacked is only just the beginning.  What more is to come and what, exactly, is keeping Rebekah Brooks in a job?