New year but starting anew means dealing with the old problem first (2 January 2012)

Welcome to 2012.  A bright new year full of possibilities and new beginnings.  Have you made your resolutions? More importantly, will you keep them? Good luck with everything you promise yourself.

Now, away from that it certainly looks like the year has started off exactly where 2011 left off.  The news has been dominated since Boxing Day by the shocking murder of Anuj Bidve, a 23-year old Indian student who was shot at point blank range, for no known reason, while out in Manchester with a group of friends.  They were visiting the city. 

Initially Greater Manchester Police looked like they were going to come in for some flak, as it emerged that Mr Bidve’s family in India has been made aware of his death via a social media website and not from GMP themselves.  Thankfully that flak has been avoided and rightly so.  With all the will in the world the police can’t stop someone from Tweeting or write an update on Facebook which can be done in a second.  Contacting a family in India takes much longer.

Anyway, the news that has emerged from that is that a 20-year old male from Salford has been arrested and charged with Anuj Bidve’s murder, superb work there by Greater Manchester Police.  Kiaran Stapleton is the individual charged with the murder and he explained to the world today exactly why a custodial sentence of exceptional length would be the least he should expect.  When asked in court to provide his name he said “Psycho Stapleton”.  He then denied being called Kiaran when asked and then repeated that he was “Psycho Stapleton”.  I don’t need to say any more.

While contemplating that particular case and thinking about two incidents that have happened over the last 24 hours or so, that of a taxi driver, who shot three woman dead and then himself, and a knifeman who seems to have abducted and killed a 20-year old female and stabbed her before leaving her in a car where she was found this morning, as well as stabbing others at the address he abducted the female from, I can’t help but think that 2012 should be the year the government concentrates on sorting the country out rather than focussing on the great Olympic event.

Naturally, while making a New Year’s speech (especially one full of doom and gloom) any Prime Minister wants to focus on something positive particularly as the Olympics are an amazing event and most of us won’t see them hosted in this country again.  However, the sparkle of the Olympics cannot be allowed to deflect from social problems that will be there before, during and long after the Olympics have been and gone.

We cannot forget about the disgruntled youth and we must be aware that there are people out there facing such crises that the only, apparent, solution is to kill their family and then themselves.  People are seriously in debt and resorting to desperate measures.  People are finding themselves in desperate situations and, again, resorting to desperate measures.

I lay no blame with the current government for this because the decline in society has gone on slowly for several decades, through various governments but it’s gone on for to long, 2012 needs to be the year where we start to see the reversal of some desperate social problems.

I’ll share one other thing.  Today, while on the bus, a female with a child in a buggy was sitting messing about with her phone, whether on Facebook or sending texts, who knows? Anyway, her concentration was squarely on her phone and not on her other child who was running around on the bus.  She would occasionally look up to tell him to sit down, which he didn’t, she’d tell him again, he wouldn’t sit and rather than forcing the issue she returned to her phone. 

So there’s a child that knows as long as he doesn’t do what he’s told he’ll be ignored and can carry on misbehaving.