News of the World stoops to a new low by hacking Milly Dowlers phone (4 July 2011)

As if the Dowler family had not been through enough in the last nine years today we find out that the News of the World hacked Milly’s phone during the time she was missing.

Not only did they hack her phone they took it upon themselves to delete messages from the inbox when it became full.  What did that do? Gave a devastated family false hope that their beloved Milly was still alive.  The sad fact is that while the Dowler’s were living in false hope that their daughter was still alive, thanks to the NotW, she had in fact already been murdered by Levi Bellfield.  He was, thankfully, convicted of her murder last month.

Surely this act by the News of the World would have hampered the police investigation into Milly’s disappearance?

It’s about time this absolute disgrace of a paper stopped printing and Rebekah Brooks fired by News International.  She was, of course, editor of NotW when Milly’s phone was hacked and now is the chief executive of News International.  

Brooks and the News of the World are disgraces to the world of journalism.  Let’s hope that by the time next Sunday rolls around that enough people are suitably enraged and boycott the paper.  Buy anything else but don’t endorse this paper.  I stop short of calling it a ‘news’paper because one thing it certainly lacks is anything that could be considered news.

Whatever you think of all the other papers out there can you really support, buy and read a paper that happily gave a devastated family false hope that their precious Milly was still alive?