Osama bin Laden is dead (2 May 2011)

Well, we woke this morning to the fantastic news that US special forces had killed Osama bin Laden in a raid on the compound in which he’d been hiding in Pakistan.

It appears that Barack Obama and the special forces had known about his whereabouts for a while and were formulating a plan to strike him.  Last week Obama gave the order for the operation to begin and yesterday, May 1 the USA finally got their man.

It’s ten years this September since the horrific attacks on New York and the Pentagon which left nearly 3000 people dead on a day that is forever known as 9/11.

Osama bin Laden went to the top of the Most Wanted list in the USA and remained there until today when his picture was adorned with one word – deceased.  Something most American’s have wanted for almost ten years now.

Of course though there are those who say he should have brought in alive, interrogated and then put through the court process.  I don’t back that at all.  Osama bin Laden would never have wanted to be caught by the American’s and taken there, he simply would rather have died and he has.  Besides, taking him through the court process would likely have led to the same outcome – a death sentence.  Justice, in my opinion, has been done.

Of course, al-Qaeda is responsible for more deaths than the almost 3000 people they killed in the USA in 2001.  Who knows what their actual death toll is, and we’re not so naive to think that because he has gone the killing will stop and that we shouldn’t live in fear of al-Qaeda driven terrorism.  We know that is not the case and indeed we’re told to be more vigilant in the upcoming weeks but there is something about this evil man’s death that makes us all feel a little better about the world.  The hunt for the USA’s most wanted man is over.  Osama bin Laden is dead.