Scottish Independence: Salmond all we want is answers (10 January 2012)

So following today’s political back and forth about independence here’s some things: Cameron asked why Salmond is waiting for what looks like being 2014 for the referendum? It’s Bannockburn baby. He wants what he thinks will be an historic event to fall on the date of…an historic event. Get your own one, loser.

Then, in answer to how independence will affect Scotland I EVENTUALLY got something resembling an answer which included a link to a 2009 Telegraph article which talks about Scotland and how we have oil. The article points out a view from 1975 that Scotland would become the “Kuwait of the western world.”

Well, the Kuwait of the western world has, last year, seen major protests as part of the Arab Spring and the Cabinet and then the Government resigned. Forced by the people. So, if Scotland is to become the Kuwait of the western world then please keep that in mind, the people stood up and rebelled thirty-odd years later.  Which is now.  

Then we’ll get to the next bit which is why, when David Cameron has asked for the referendum, which the SNP wants, that the SNP are very quick to knock it back? They continue with the vague second half of the current term as being a date for the referendum. So why can’t they give a date? This would give people focus and give people and businesses time to have their questions answered by.

The SNP owe it to everyone in Scotland to give them a date, even a YEAR, to focus on because a lot of questions regarding the impact of independence of Scotland have to be answered before the poll and currently they are not being answered and the people of Scotland deserve much more than the SNP are currently giving them.

Of course, there are those that think that the SNP are hanging about to get Scottish local elections out the way in May before announcing a date and all those who think that the SNP are waiting to see what happens with the Euro before announcing a date.  

Can’t hold off forever though…