Superinjunctions, floating penalty points, ash clouds and pilot points – all in a week (2 May 2011)

haven’t written a blog for a while, I think in over a week.  Which is a long time on the Internet.  I’ve been really busy at work and that’s the reason I haven’t blogged, not because I’ve lost interest in the Internet.  I think that will never happen.  In fact, I’ve just purchased a new netbook so that I can be more mobile.  My iPhone is old and it doesn’t cope with blogging and checking the Internet all day, as well as texting and phoning, the battery dies, often.  So I’m hoping this summer sees me blogging on my netbook from such outdoor places as Scott’s In The Park in East Princes Street Gardens and the gardens here at Fox Manor.  Or from wherever I am.

So in the week that I’ve been missing from blog-land what’s been happening? Well, Chris Huhne has got himself into a spot of hot water over a driving offence.  Getting other people to take his penalty points (allegedly) and now saying he can’t actually remember whether he was driving or not.  Sorry Chris, I don’t believe anyone is so busy that they couldn’t remember whether they were driving or not when they picked up points for an offence.  Should he lose his job? My gut feeling is yes.  

Super-injunctions are in the news again with Fred the Shred hiding out at home in Edinburgh after his was lifted and revealed that he had had an affair with someone in RBS.  Naughty, naughty Fred.  However, he may be receiving less publicity about this than he’d feared because of the revelation that an “unnamed” footballer, who everyone knows the name of, was outed on Twitter as cheating on his wife and is now firing lawsuits at anyone and everyone.  Seems the unnamed footballer (revealed in Scotland today by the Sunday Herald – our laws are different) thinks that he should be above the ordinary punter and hide his infidelity with money and a “super-injunction”.  Why should he have the chance to do this? He cheated on his wife.  If my neighbour cheated on his wife anyone and everyone would comment on it no matter how much he tried to keep it quiet.  

Also in football, Chelsea have sacked (let’s be straight about that) their manager Carlos Ancelotti this afternoon after a trophyless season.  Alright, they didn’t win anything but they finished second.  Hardly a disappointment surely.  The disappointment of the day is that Blackpool were relegated.  
Are we about to face another few weeks of flight pandemonium as another volcano erupts in Iceland? The erupting Grimsvotn (easier to say and spell than Eyjafjallajokul thankfully) has closed Icelandic airspace and a nice cloud of ash should be reaching our shores mid-week.  Oh joy.  

However, we are blessed with the knowledge that it shouldn’t cause as much disruption as Eyjafjallajokul because it’s not as windy (hard to believe if you were in Edinburgh today) and the ash is heavier and therefore falling to the ground quicker and as a result it’s not drifting around in big clouds trying to down planes.

This week we also followed the plight of 60 pilot whales who arrived in the shallow Loch Carnan in South Uist.  Some of the whales appeared to have been injured and it was unclear as to why they were there.  Plans were put in place to try and herd them back out to deeper water. 

However, the whales themselves revealed the reason they were there on Saturday when a female beached herself and eventually the others left.  The female pilot whale was ill, suffering from a disease according to a post-mortem.  The others came with her, looked after her and protected her until she died.