The Royal Wedding (29 April 2011)

After weeks and weeks of anticipation it has finally happened, Prince William and Kate Middleton have married in what can only be considered a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
It barely seems like yesterday that William and Kate announced their engagement, Kate in her blue dress and wearing Diana’s 18 carat sapphire and diamond ring.  For months we saw replicas of both and speculation grew and grew as to what Kate’s wedding dress would look like and who would design it.

Brilliantly no details were ever leaked about the dress and today we were treated to Kate looking absolutely gorgeous in a simple design by Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton.  A simple lace bodice and a skirt made to echo an opening flower.  

Harry, the cheeky imp, sneaked a peak down the aisle and turned to say something to his brother.  What did he say? “She’s wearing jeans William.”  No, he didn’t say that but he did smile showing that he was keeping things light-hearted and his brother at ease.

According to lip readers William told Kate she looked beautiful as she arrived at the alter with her father, Michael Middleton.  He then cracked a joke with this father-in-law about the wedding supposed to have just been for family and for me the light-hearted tone stayed throughout the ceremony.

If there were nerves they didn’t show.  Everyone seemed relaxed and happy, especially the bride and groom.  They exchanged their vows without a hitch although placing the ring on Kate’s finger seemed to challenge William slightly but a good yank sorted that out.

The rain held off to allow the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to travel back to Buckingham Palace in the open top carriage, waving and beaming all the way.  

Half a million people gathered to watch the newly-weds step out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace and they were treated to not one but two kisses between them. 

I had a fantastic time watching the Royal Wedding this morning and wish all the best to William and Kate in their life together.  

The parties go on, for the happy couple i
t’s a family dinner and then a knees up at the reception.  For many others the street parties are well under way, the food eaten and the drink flowing and no doubt they’ll go on into the night.

If Britain does one thing well it’s throwing a bloody good bash and today has been just that.