Relaunch: The Website. I’m baaaaack

I’m stingy, never try and get money off me that I don’t think you deserve.  Don’t get me wrong, I support many charities and they all get money from me but not unscrupulous companies.

My previous web hosting/website company may or may not be one of them but they were certainly acting like one.  Inflated costs (all of a sudden).  Plus their customer service was ridiculous.  I presented a problem to them but they weren’t interested because “no one else has reported that problem”.  So ta-ta, I said, and made a huge decision to delete the old site and start anew.

I have copied the blogs from the old site and posted them on this site, thanks to the old host not having an export facility they appear on this site as only being posted recently so I have included their actual dates in their titles.

I have lost a lot from the old site but I am willing to take that chance.  The pictures will continue and I am using Picasa to implement that.  I really have gone simpler with this site.  I don’t need fancy, I just need a place to air my views and show my pictures.

Please feel free to comment on these posts.  Be nice and not personal and they won’t get deleted.  If you think it will be deleted – don’t post it!

If you want to contact me I’ll be setting up a contact page soon or you can get me through Google.  Or, as ever, I’m on Twitter @GemskaF

Thanks to 123-reg for being awesome, as always.

I’ll be messing around with the site (as usual) over the next wee while but please enjoy. 🙂