Independence. Humour and defence.

The correct reaction to a Tunnock’s TeaCake

There’s a dangerous feeling out there.  A feeling that everything is going to change, that nothing will ever be the same.  The feeling, backed up by evidence, that if the SNP wins the referendum humour will cease to exist in the new country of Independent Scotland But Still Loyal To The Queen And Relying On The Bank Of England And The Ministry Of Defence.  Yes, you will live in ISBSLTTQAROTBOEATMOD.

OK, perhaps not quite but there’s nothing in that sentence that can really be disputed.  There is no proposal for a new currency, the SNP say we’re keeping the Queen and I have heard nothing yet that suggests the SNP, as founding government of an Independent Scotland (if it were to happen) have given any thought to how a small, oil rich country would be defended.  Let’s not imagine for a moment that Scotland wouldn’t be seen as a target.  Of course it would.  There is always someone out there who looks at a tiny, independent country with masses of oil and thinks “well, I fancy myself a bit of that, and handily enough, they haven’t sorted out their defences yet so away we go!”.

It’s a great cause of concern that the SNP won’t address this.  Scotland is not entitled to anything that belongs to the MoD because if Scotland became independent it no longer lies within the MoD.  Negotiations need to be made to keep what may already be based in Scotland.  The MoD may go for that but they would undoubtedly press for Faslane to remain as a nuclear base in Scotland under MoD control.  Give and take, and all that.  I do doubt that the MoD would see Scotland defenceless and would likely agree to some technology being given to Scotland but I fail to see that they would hand over warships, aircraft etc without lengthy negotiations happening and they would really want the deals to benefit them.

Out with that, Scotland would need to shove out a massive budget to build a Scottish Navy, a Scottish Air Force and a Scottish Army.  Every time I mention this I get quoted what Scotland pays to Westminster to pay for the British Armed Forces but I’m not sure why I get told this, British Armed Forces include Scotland and so it’s right that we contribute.  Don’t imagine for a moment that a Scottish defence budget would be small, it won’t be.

To return to the humour aspect of this blog though, it’s a worry that humour seems to have slipped from some of those who support the SNP and Independence.  I do emphasise some because a few do know how to chuckle.  I have said all along that those who don’t need to lighten up.  Alex Salmond has a sense of humour.  The entire UK got to see that recently at Leveson when Lord Leveson mentioned the “English Parliament” and Salmond said he rather liked the sound of that.  It was witty and I chuckled at it.  Why? Because it was simple humour, Scottish style.  He was actually quite witty in the first hour or so.

Let’s not forget the Scottish sense of humour in all of this.  We take the mickey out of ourselves, we take the mickey out of each other.  It is not a bitter diatribe to point out funny things that happen.  It is not immature.

I did ask the SNP for their policy on humour.  I didn’t receive a reply.

I have never understood why it should be considered derogatory to the Creator to suppose that he has a sense of humour. William Ralph Inge, Clergyman.  Born: 1860, Died: 1954.