Operation Bingo Wings and the Royal Netherlands Navy

The Naval Jack of the Royal Netherlands Navy

It’s probably best to get the disclaimer out of the way right at the start of this blog.  Although the title may suggest it, there’s no connection between Operation Bingo Wings and the Royal Netherlands Navy.  Well, none that I know of.

Not much in the news that I want to write or comment about so…

Operation Bingo Wings is what I’ve named my attempt at getting rid of the unsightly flesh on my upper arms.  It hadn’t really bothered me much until one evening, in the bathroom with a vest top on I caught sight of the wobble in the mirror.  I paused to make sure my eyesight hadn’t gone then turned slowly to face the mirror.  I lifted my arms up and then…flapped, like a bird.  Wobble, wobble, wobble, went the old Bingo Wings.

I wasn’t best impressed with this.

Previous to that I had began looking at my Nintendo Wii with an air of, “use it or sell it”.  So I switched it on, it didn’t work, the Scart had fallen out the back of the TV.  That could have happened any time in the last four months, such is the interest I’ve had in playing anything on the Wii.  Anyway, got it all hooked up and put in Wii Sports.  I then spent about two hours bowling, a few moments playing baseball and tennis and about ten minutes boxing.  The boxing got me though and I started on it more and more.

So a few nights ago I started a few minutes boxing on the Wii.  Proper stand up and punch, not lie on the sofa and wave the controller around.  Yes, I know there are some of you out there who do that.  I have one friend who admits she’s got lazier since she got her Wii and is surprised when I stand up to bowl…

Then on Friday I decided on this:

Yes, they’re going, I’ve decided.  On Friday night I did an hours boxing, then I did the Wii Fitness Test.  The less said about that the better, I scored a Wii Fitness Age of…60.  So the other aim is to get that down to at least my real age! Saturday night one hour of boxing and 30 minutes of Swordplay (Sports Resort) and tennis.  

Do my arms ache? Yes they do.  It’s all for the greater good though…keep telling myself that.  If anyone thinks that Wii Sports is merely a game, they’re wrong.  Still on the lookout for a decent gym to box in though.

So onto the Royal Netherlands Navy.

On Saturday afternoon my sister and I went shopping at Ocean Terminal in Leith.  We both like Ocean Terminal because it’s so much more than just shopping.  You don’t even need to shop when you go there, you can just sit out on the decking and enjoy the water and the view of the Royal Yacht Britannia.  

Before we hit the shops we went for a cup of tea, which we took out to the decking to watch a bit of the Dragon Boat racing going on which was for various charities.  

While I was having a palaver with trying to get milk into my tea cup (it was windy) my sister had spotted a naval ship in dock at Western Harbour.  

Once I’d finished wiping milk off myself I investigated and discovered that it wasn’t a Royal Navy ship, well not our Royal Navy anyway, it was the HNLMS Mercuur of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

HNLMS Mercuur of the Royal Netherlands Navy

The name Mercuur set me off on a Poirot style “Merrrrcuuur oo-la-la” no idea why, and my sister saying, “It’s the Dutch Navy not French.”  Which led me to point out that Poirot is, in fact, from Belgium.  Cue a small sisterly barney about nothing.

It’s nice to see ships from other Navies in dock in Edinburgh but what is HNLMS Mercuur? Well, for a start HNLMS stands for Her NetherLands Majesty’s Ship and the Mercuur is a support ship within the Dutch Navy.

The Mercuur, is in fact, a Mercuur class ship.  It can launch and recover torpedoes and, if needed, can act as a minelayer.  It was commissioned in 1987 and so has been in service a good long while.  

Not sure why Mercuur is in port in Leith but the clue might be in the smaller vessel moored beside it.  This is apparently HMS Van Kinsbergen, a training vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy.  Whatever the reason the Mercuur is in port, we welcome you.  Always nice to see, read and learn about other naval fleets.

My major purchase today? Fleece slipper boots from Debenhams.  Perfect for the winter…and also right now.