If a million people convinced a million people…

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If you’re a Scottish Brit you probably found yourself nodding in some agreement with this article.  There are hundreds of thousands of people who were born in Scotland, raised in Scotland, live in Scotland and who love Scotland and are proud to be Scottish…and also British.

Scottish Brits are, in fact, all over the UK, as they are entitled to be.  Work, family and other circumstance take them away from Scotland and settle them elsewhere in the UK where they are now not considered eligible to vote in the much talked about, but yet to be set in concrete, 2014 referendum on independence for Scotland, the land of their birth.  The land where some of their family still reside, the land where they may, one day return.  The land that gave them life.

What the SNP are basically saying is that it doesn’t matter if you’re Scottish, you just have to live in Scotland to be eligible to vote.

So that’s one issue that irks Scottish Brits, another is raised by, and if you haven’t heard it being raised yet then please bring it up, Scottish Brits, living in Scotland who are asking what happens to them if it were the case that Scotland voted for independence.

What does happen? They become displaced.  They don’t just revert to being Scottish and that’s that.  They will have been ripped away from what is, effectively, their country.

The SNP have this idea that if everyone who is pro-independence convinces one undecided person to vote yes then they will have won.  Well, that is also true of the no campaign.  The no campaign might have the upper hand a the moment when you consider that the SNP government can’t decide if it really wants independence, devo-max or devo-lite.  Or devo-anything for that matter.

Although, it may be easy for either party to claim they have upper hand because they are constantly submerged in a world where the referendum is something that is always talked about.  Step out of that world for a moment and it is true, like the above article stated, many people have no idea, or no interest in what is going on.  2014 will happen upon them and while the referendum will have been debated to death in political circles there are still many who it won’t interest.

There are thousands of people out there who are not only undecided, they also have no idea and no interest. Both the yes and the no campaigns might want to consider that they don’t just have to convince the undecided, they need to convince the uninterested.

Before the yes campaign barrels in there saying “vote yes because we’ll be away from Westminster”, the uninterested are generally that way because they have no interest in politics anyway.  It’s my guess (and probably common knowledge) that the people who are uninterested in politics and the referendum far out number those who are interested.

Yes, it startles me too.  Politics defines just about everything in our lives with the exception of little.  Yet some people claim disinterest.  So the challenge isn’t in convincing someone who hasn’t made their minds up, it’s engaging someone who has no interest, making them interested – for the right reasons.  I always find that when you point out to people how much politics influences their lives they are quite surprised.  I’m not looking to convert people who are not interested in politics into politicos but to make sure that people at least look into what they’re voting for.

Image by The Laird of Oldham