G4S – proving why our Armed Forces are the best

British soldiers in Afghanistan – ISAFMedia

Another day, another mess by G4S.  Not only have 3,500 of our British Armed Forces already been drafted in to replace the non-existent security guards that G4S were supposed to supply for the Olympics, now we learn that 2,000 more are on standby as it seems the G4S is going to fail in its task.

The lesson here is not to put out contracts for private contractors to pick up with and fail with when the British Armed Forces, with their excellent discipline and experience, could have done the job anyway.  Instead, they get drafted in as part of a “contingency plan” – the British Armed Forces save the day, yet again.

On the 5th of July Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced how the cuts to the British Army (reducing it to 120,000 full time and 30,000 reservists) would be structured.  Part of his overall plan to reduce numbers and still manage is to use contractors.  Yes, reduce the army and contract out some of the work that the army do themselves just now.

“The reduction in regular forces will be offset by the enhanced role of the reserves and the “whole force” concept, which optimises the use of contractors in both peacetime and on operations.” – Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary 

When he announced that I shook my head, said out loud that it was a silly idea.  Thanks to G4S my feelings are even stronger on that now.  You can’t contract out work to private contractors and expect the quality of work that the British Armed Forces delivers.

Funny today to see a G4S van which someone had engraved into the dirt on the back “Bring Back Reliance”.

~ ~ ~

You know when your parents or your teachers or your employers always told you that one person can let everyone else down? Well, that came into play today when I was out and about in Edinburgh.  While cars were doing their utmost to avoid speeding through puddles at the side of the road, along comes a bus travelling quite fast and rather than slow gradually decided to do it all at once at the bus stop meaning that the driver raced through the puddle and, yes, soaked yours truly.

Titter ye not.  It’s annoying when that happens to you.  I got on the bus and pointed out to the driver what he had done.  His attitude was that he wasn’t interested.  It was raining, couldn’t be avoided.  Oh really?

So I was having a bit of a peeve at this.  Annoyed because I use Lothian Buses several times a day and I generally find that their drivers are exceptional.  They’re polite, they thank you for thanking them.  They help people find their locations, make sure they get off at the right stops, they deal with a lot thanks to continual roadworks and tram works in the city.  So what annoyed me was one driver letting all the others down.

Then a while later I read this Tweet:

Which basically changed my mind.  That one driver that soaked me and wasn’t bothered about it is but one person, he can’t let everyone down because the driver in Tom Parnell’s post is the one we should be looking at.  He/she used their brain, no one likes the rain, we’re all getting sick of it and no one wants an extra soaking.  Well done that driver for their considerate thinking.

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On a personal note, an ear infection I had two weeks ago has returned this time involving both ears so more antibiotics! Argh! Anyway, because of this I haven’t been able to do any kind of boxing for a fortnight now and so it continues.  The Bingo Wings are not reducing.  Not pleased!