Why I signed the No More Page Three petition

A while back boobs on Page 3 didn’t bother me.  I don’t read the paper it’s in and I don’t know many people that buy the paper that it’s in so it practically didn’t bother me.  If a friend had an issue with a boyfriend ogling Page 3 and tried to bring me into the argument, I simply wasn’t interested.

Now though, I’ve got a bit older and perspective has changed.  A little while ago, before the No More Page Three campaign began, someone in work had bought the paper and had left it open, gone off and done something, I walked by the table and it caught my eye.  The first thing that crossed my mind was “why would you?”.  Referring to the girl in the picture.  I couldn’t come up with a single reason as to why any female would want to pose naked on Page 3.  I’m not sure I could have came up with a reason years ago either.

The person who’d bought the paper reappeared and I asked him why he bought the paper.  His answer was that he bought it for Page 3 because he didn’t get to see any real ones.  Yes, I think he was being humorous.  However…maybe not.

Then I never thought about it for a while until the No More Page 3 campaign was started by Lucy Holmes.  It’s absolutely true, there is no need for any newspaper to display partially naked women in any form, whether it’s a regular feature on Page 3 or a “sensational” story.

At the age I’m at now I have friends with children of all ages from toddler to teen.  Whether those children are girls or boys there is no need for them to grow up in a world where half naked women appear in a newspaper as a matter of regularity and where it is seen as the “norm”.  Or to grow up in a world that sees ogling half naked women in a newspaper as something that everyone just has to put up with.

There is also the trouble with perception.  A young, teenage boy sees an airbrushed picture of a half naked women and thinks that’s how women should look.  A young teenage girl sees the same picture and thinks that’s how she should look.  Neither of them know that the original picture is nothing like they one they are looking, that a computer has changed the picture to smooth out every blemish, every flaw and to perk up and enhance the so called “features”.  Real beauty is distorted these days.  This Dove advert from a few years ago highlights what happens to just about every picture that appears in our magazines and newspapers.

It’s probably right that it’s about time that Page 3 ended.  If it had a purpose, it’s served it.  There’s not a place for it any longer among a society that says women are equals.  An old schoolmate reckons its “an institution” but when questioned on it that said “well, because it’s always been there”.

The fact is if anyone has the urge to ogle boobs that don’t belong to a real, live woman standing in front of them, there are magazines and websites that satisfy that need, boobs do not need to be in a national newspaper that gets left lying around numerous living rooms, offices, buses, trains, waiting rooms and a variety of other places.

I’ve yet to see the newspaper in question say why they should keep Page 3 and there is the wonder that if they  are worry about readership levels over doing what is, essentially, the right thing.

No More Page Three.

It’s as simple as that.

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