Media, back off Megan Stammers

I’m hoping that by the time I have finished writing this blog post and published it that the media will have stopped documenting Megan Stammers’ every move and let her get on with what is going to be a very tough few weeks and possibly months.

As I look at one website that has managed to picture her climb the stairs to the flight that brought her back to the UK I then realise that the media are probably not going to leave her alone.

Well, media types, you should.  She’s a fifteen year old girl.  Even if this hadn’t happened to her, her emotions would be all over the place.

What she doesn’t need now is every aspect of her life slapped across front pages from now until whenever the media find something more they want to pursue.

Megan is fifteen.  She has done nothing wrong.  Even if she wasn’t  forcibly dragged from the UK by Forrest and went of her own free will, she has done nothing wrong.  She fell for the words of someone who made her feel good, and let us face it, we all like when someone makes us feel good.  We can all fall for that.

Now, this young girl has come back to the UK, back in to the fold of her family and she has a difficult journey ahead.  She’s got to get her life back together and she is going to be judged by her peers at school and around her.  She is going to have to rebuild important family relationships, she is going to have to rebuild important friend relationships and her view on life may entirely change.  She doesn’t need judgement by media.

If the UK media has any compassion and savvy they’ll back off right here, right now.

A man in his thirties chose to pursue a young girl.  That was his decision and he now faces the consequences.

A girl in her young teens, emotions running riot, fell for this and now she has to be brave and put her life back together.  She has a very tough time ahead and waking up each morning to headlines about what she did next will not help her.

UK media, leave her alone.  You did your part in keeping her in the news when she was missing but now she’s back, respect her privacy and let her rebuild her life.