Breivik human rights breached with cold coffee

Oslo PolitidistriktOn July 22 2011 Norway was rocked by the horrific events of the Oslo bombing and the shootings on Otoya Island.  On that day Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people.  He changed the lives of their families forever.  For the 242 who survived he changed their lives forever too.

So it was with relief that Breivik went to jail, that he was certified sane enough to stand trial and to be found guilty.  He got the maximum of 21 years with extensions possible.  Good.

We’ve not really heard that much about him since he was locked up in August this year and probably didn’t really want to but Breivik has other ideas.

Today I was scouring the news and came across a story about Anders Behring Breivik.  Apparently he’s having a terrible time in prison and his human rights are being breached.  He’s written a 27 page letter about it.  Please don’t read any further if you have a nervous disposition, you will not like this.

So, is he being bullied? Is he being beaten up?

The answer is no.  His human rights are being infringed because…ready?

  • His coffee is too cold
  • He doesn’t get enough butter for his toast
  • His room – er, cell – doesn’t have a good view
  • He doesn’t get to have moisturiser in his cell
  • The handcuffs hurt
  • He has to use a safety “stab proof pen” to write
  • He’s complaining of being held in high security

Terrible, isn’t it?

What Mr Breivik forgets is that he’s not in a hotel, he is not there to be pandered to, he is a murderer, a terrorist and he is being punished for his crimes.  He is being held in Ila prison in Norway, the prison where the countries most notorious criminals go, those who murder or are convicted of violent and sexual crimes.  Here is a picture of a cell in Ila prison.  I know, you’re wincing at the unfairness of it all.  What did he do to deserve that?

I’m sure there are poor and homeless people in Norway that would drink his cold coffee, eat his sparsely buttered toast and would like to sleep in the warmth and comfort he does each night.

A breach of his human rights? He forgets about the lives he took.  What happened to human rights of those people? Those who died for having beliefs that differed from his.

You’re in jail Mr Breivik, not a fancy hotel.  No doubt some part of the Human Rights Act will say that your coffee should be hot, your toast well buttered and you should be looking across fields of flowers but you’ll have to forgive me if I completely disagree.  You should be getting punished for your crimes, and you are.