Horsing around…

Every year at the Grand National I take a horse in the works sweepie, it’s random, as you know, pick a name out a hat (or old ice cream tub) and if that horsie comes in, you win a prize. Well, my horse never comes in. Why? Because that is the effect I have on horses. You can absolutely guarantee that, even if the horse is favourite to win the race, it will not because I am now backing it.

This year I have got Imperial Commander, by all accounts a shot for the winner. Oh no, now that Imperial Commander knows I am backing it, it will barricade itself in the stable and refuse to come out. When it does come out it will either end up running sideways or backwards and will have an identity crisis and think it’s a donkey.

Or, in an attempt to avoid the race all together it might have gone out last night, got drunk and hoofed in a shop window so that it would be arrested and spend the weekend in the cells (slightly adapted for a horsie).

Last night on Twitter I explained some of my horsie problems…


Those are just some of the horse related problems I have had.  The rest can be found on my Twitter feed.

So if you’ve backed a horse today and think it should win but it ends up needing a psychiatrist instead you can pretty much guarantee I have mentioned it at some point as “having a chance of winning”.

Go on Imperial Commander today, prove me wrong! Neeiiigh chance!