A moan about the weather

It’s May, it’s Scotland, it’s raining! Are we surprised? No, because that’s how it is.

The other day I wore my Lionel Blair’s* for the first time since last August (or something) because there just hasn’t been the weather for them.  They’re proper bell-bottom so in the winter it’s a bit much having a pain of jeans on that have ample space for gusts of wind to blow up.  Winter is about jeggings with leggings underneath.  (So was today, nearly).  Anyway, I felt fairly confident stepping out in my Lionel’s the other day, the sun was shining and my biggest concern, weather-wise, was that when I got to the bus stop I realised I had forgotten my sunglasses.  Oh to have that worry in Scotland! In May!

At work, some hours later, the grey clouds appeared.  Also, outside the window, the grey clouds appeared and the rain started.  “Just a shower” I assured myself.  By the time I left the rain was bouncing off the pavement.  That’s when it wasn’t blowing sideways of course.  If you’ve ever worn long trousers or flares in the rain you’ll understand this bit.  You can’t stop them from getting wet and then they start to soak up water.  Hitching up the flares doesn’t even work for me, I am a short arse so even if I fastened them around my neck the bottoms would still be trailing along the ground.  Anyway, so the flares began soaking up water.  I began silent cursing.  Why? I don’t know – there’s nothing to be done about it.  Just get to my destination.  That would have been nice but I wasn’t going home.  Oh no.  An appointment down Leith to be followed by a trip to the pub to meet my friend and no time in between to get home.  Did the rain relent? Did the sun come out and dry me off? Not a chance! By the time I got to the pub my Lionel Blair’s were soaked to just below the knee.  It’s not only the fact that your legs and feet are soaking and you know you’ll be freezing later on (proper teeth chattering freezing) but the fact that people look at you as if you’re daft, as if they want to say “did you not see the weather today?”.  I always feel defensive about that (even though I am generally imagining it – I think) and I want to go over to them and say “Yes.  Yes I see the rain stonking off the pavement and yes, I understand that above my knee my denim flares are light blue and below the knee they are dark blue but at six-fifteen this morning, when I left the house it was blue skies and sunshine”.  I would say it but they’d likely not believe it.

I was reminded of that incident today when I got off the bus behind a female of probably my own age.  I heard this squelching noise and realised it was coming from her shoes.  Every time she moved her feet squelched and water flowed out the shoes.  They were these kind of flimsy flats that look good with skinny jeans – on days when there isn’t two million tons of water pouring from the sky that is.  I did feel sorry for her but then again, it wasn’t sunny at all today so a poor bad weather footwear choice from her I feel.

According to the weather forecast for tomorrow the weather is to be slightly better.  This is Scotland though so don’t be surprised if there’s snow and your electricity is knocked out by gale force winds.  That would surprise me less than if there actually was some sun.

Stay warm! Stay dry!