Andy Murray: the win and then the rumour

First of all, before I even start this post may I offer my HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Andy Murray for his historic win at Wimbledon today.  Looking back, he had it in bag when you see his play v Djokovic.  At the time, it didn’t seem like that.  It was a comfortable win for Andy in the end and he deserves it.  He had had his own personal expectations on top of him as well as that of the nation.  Not to mention those of mother Judy.

Who would dare go against her expectations? What a wonder woman she is.  Come thick or thin there is one person who has sat courtside.  Who has dealt with the lows and who has co-celebrated the highs.  If any one believed in Andy through his darkest days it has been his mother.  Go Judy!

Go Andy!

Andy Murray - 2012
Andy Murray – 2012

The bad side of all this though it the “Andy is Scottish”, “Andy is British” crap.  Who cares? He was born in Scotland, a country, which is part of a union of other countries and he plays under the umbrella of that, he plays for GBR.  He doesn’t play for Scotland, even if he wanted to (he doesn’t), he plays for GBR and until the Yes voted is recorded as unanimous next year he’ll continue as such.  Even if that Yes is achieved, there is no guarantee he’ll play as a Scot given that by then he’ll have lived in the R-UK for a few years.  Andy doesn’t live in Scotland, in case anyone missed that.  He’s not even entitled to a referendum vote yet people will use him in the referendum argument.

Yet today we find his name embroiled in yet another misunderstanding.  Three weeks ago he gave his £73,000 Queens winnings to the Royal Marsden Hospital.  This apparently translates to him giving today’s Wimbledon £1.6million to the same cause.  Well, it does if you listen to the Internet.  Despite not one single person giving the official word on this, the Internet became rife with the information that he had done this.  Yet he hasn’t.  Well, if he has, he hasn’t told any one.  No one would put it past him to donate a part of his winnings but there is very much NO CHANCE that his entire winnings would be donated.  He gave his £73,000 from Queens on behalf of his pal, Ross Hutchins.  If you don’t know why, find out.

This is what gets me.  Rather than do some research and find out, people just take what is laid in front of them and go with it as said.  It’s often not.

Take what is put in front of you and question it, always.