Hibernian: Malmo tie is disappointing but we need to learn from it

Easter RoadMassively disappointed in Hibernian tonight. I will never be embarrassed though. That’s up to the players to be embarrassed, they’re the ones on the pitch putting in the pitiful performance. The fans were superb and have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Players and managers have apologised for an unacceptable performance tonight and that’s fair enough. Calling for Paddy’s demise is not on though. Yet again he is having to rebuild the team. Never forget that in the last two seasons we have been in the Scottish Cup final twice (that we didn’t win either is a different issue). Never forget that in the earlier part of last season we actually topped the league. We slumped and still finished in a good position with a cup final. What is it, exactly, that Paddy has done wrong?

Let’s also not forget that Malmo are 2nd in the Allsvenskan. They were first but Helsingborg won Wednesday night. They are 16 games into their season with a previous 5 league games record of WWLWW (better than Helsingborg’s WWDLD). They are second in a top league. They have an established team and they are, for want of an expression “on form”.

Hibs are rebuilding. They are preseason. They are not a gelled team, not yet. This is not an excuse, this is a view. People are expecting an awful lot from a very young team. Hibs have been rebuilding for a while now and we can’t expect miracles.

What we can do is sit players down at East Mains tomorrow and make them watch the video of the home game against Malmo. Each and every player should highlight their own faults and what they miss should be pointed out to them and then the next few days at East Mains should be a major arse booting, plus learning session. Nothing gels more than a collective arse kicking.

If we get to November and we’re floundering then yes, I’ll rethink Paddy and a few players, otherwise I’ll stick with what we have and what we can build from it. Nothing will be gained from starting a new season with a new manager.

Hibernian, get your act together, your supporters deserve it.

2 thoughts on “Hibernian: Malmo tie is disappointing but we need to learn from it

  1. I like your thoughts, Gemma but I’m afraid I have to disagree with you when you say Hibs finished in a good position. Seventh cannot be considered good. I didn’t see the game but by all accounts they were woeful. As the song said, ‘Things can only get better.

    1. The trouble is the SPL split, we finished sixth on points. The sooner that split nonsense is got rid of, the better. Yes, sixth is perhaps not considered much better but if you look at it on points, we finished in the top six.

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