A night out, an ‘unexplained’ hangover and cooking egg fried rice

A rave broke out in the pub

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about going out with the young ‘uns.  It nearly killed me (the night out, not writing the blog post).  Saturday night was no different.  For some reason I thought I could stay out until 4 AM and be fine on Sunday.  Ha ha.  In thinking about it, I would have got home later than 4 because I’m sure I got the back of 4 night bus home.  Oh well.

It was a good night though I may have startled the bar staff with the amount of dancing I was doing and the fact that, at one point, I ordered a lemonade at the bar which left the barman puzzled.  Don’t worry, it’s not a regular occurrence

Anyway, all this partying(!) and going to bed at what was probably nearer 5 AM (and I genuinely can’t remember if it was dark or light at this time – but I did take my make up of before going to bed preventing that “conjunctivitis” feeling of before) meant that Sunday was something of a washout.  I have spent part of it wondering why I had a hangover.  I didn’t have a great deal of alcohol but it might have been the mixing of wine and vodka and lemonade.  (Not in the same glass you understand).

So, waking up Sunday morning at the back of 9 I felt as fresh as a daisy and leapt out of bed, headed out to the shops for rolls and the Sunday papers, read them while eating a bacon roll and then headed out for a day of festival fun with friends.

Ha ha.

I did waken at the back of 9 but only to groan “Oh no…” and go immediately go back to sleep.  When I re-awoke some time later (let’s not get into the technical issues of “time”) I knew things weren’t great.  I felt like I’d been hit by a bus.  There was a headache, an earache, shakes… I was sure it was the ‘flu…

It’s a bad day when I can’t manage out of bed to watch football, that I can tell you.

So, time progressed, I finally felt I could cope with something as harsh as “reading” so I checked out Twitter, FB, Instagram and emails.  Started to feel better, then had a bout of the sweaty shakes and then did feel better enough to sit upright for long enough to watch the second half of Chelsea v Hull.  As an aside, won’t judge Hull on that performance as they were playing a very buoyed Chelsea side.  Any team would have found it hard to beat Chelsea.

After watching that and responding to a request from mother about working a smart phone, I went back to my hangover pose and stayed that way for a few hours until I had a sudden craving.  Why do hangovers do that to people? You don’t crave anything you have in your fridge or cupboard you crave something that means either physically leaving the house or costs £20 by ordering from any well known Chinese or pizza outlet.  Well, I craved egg fried rice.  I swithered for some time about actually getting dressed, scaring the wits out of the locals by heading to the end of the street with no make up and wild hair.  I did take pity on the neighbourhood and decided against that though.

I had this idea instead…

Convinced that making egg friend rice couldn’t be that difficult, I set about it.  It’s rice, it’s eggs, and whatever else you want to chuck in it.  So below is my description and recipe for egg fried rice.  Ready?


Rice –  cooked and cooled (I used basmati as it was all I had but I’m sure egg fried rice experts will say other rices are better, though it worked for me)

Eggs – 2 generally.  More if you’re cooking for a big group obviously.

White onion

Red Pepper

Green Pepper



Whatever you normally use for frying – I use an oil spray

Soy Sauce (I didn’t have any but would recommend its use)

How to make it

Right.  First, cook the rice.  If you don’t then this dish will NOT work.  So boil it away until  it’s cooked.  I let mine boil while I was in the shower but this caused a problem as I couldn’t get the lid on the shampoo to open and I started to panic that the rice was going to over cook.  I also noticed I’d used the last of my shower gel and I don’t have a replacement.  A better use of the time while the rice is boiling is to prepare your other ingredients.  So take that time to chop your onion and peppers.  Now, I know some people like to use peas in their fried rice.  The use of peas in any dish should be condemned.  Note this now.

Take your two eggs (or however many) and crack them into a mixing bowl.  Try to avoid getting shell in there, virtually impossible I know but do try.  (If you do get shell in there then add thirty minutes to your cooking time while trying to get it out).  Add some salt and pepper and lightly beat the eggs with a whisk or fork.

Check the rice.  When cooked take it off the heat, drain and let it cool.  (Stick it in a sieve and run it under the cold tap).

Put your frying pan or wok on with whatever you use to fry oil-wise.  It just needs medium heat.  That’s about 3 on my cooker.  You’ll work it out on yours.  Then pour the egg in and stir around until they are lightly scrambled but still a bit runny.  Then pour them back into the mixing bowl.  Clean the frying pan or wok (unless you own two then just get the clean one out) and then pop it on the heat with fresh oil.  Pop the rice in with whatever onions and peppers you chopped.  If you’re adding soy sauce then do so now and stir.  Once the rice is warmed though add that egg back in and fry away, stirring and separating frequently.  The rice will be ready to serve when you test it with a fork and it burns the tongue off you.

It is basically ready when you decide it is.  The egg will be cooked through and the dish piping hot.


I gave myself 6 out of 10 for this dish tonight.  I’d have had more points had I had soy sauce, so make sure you have soy sauce.  Plus I might use less peppers.  I might try it again with the addition of chicken.  Also, when writing about it, watch how many times you write “friend” instead of “fried” this could make a difference on whether you’re arrested or not.

Egg Friend Rice

Egg Fried Rice

Enjoy.  And try to avoid hangovers when you’re in your thirties.  Although this one was, eventually, productive.