Poll: Should the alcohol ban in Scottish football grounds be lifted?


For almost thirty years now alcohol has been banned inside Scottish football grounds.  On various occasions there have been calls to return alcohol to the football grounds, the latest being made this month.  The proposal being put forward by the SFA would see alcohol being made available before the game and during half time.   It is currently only available in hospitality.

Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, backs the idea pointing out that it would be a source of income for Scottish clubs.  Many clubs would no doubt welcome a further source of income, as long as it was profitable.  However, she may be arguing against her own points when pointing out that football is more family friendly these days.

However, Police Scotland and the Scottish Government both spoke out against the idea.

 A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “We are opposed to any relaxation of the legislation regarding the sale of alcohol.”

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “We are committed to ensuring that football fans can enjoy our national sport in a safe, enjoyable environment and have no plans at this time to remove the existing restrictions on alcohol.”

The points about selling alcohol bringing in money for clubs is valid, however, many football supporters in Scotland have never known what it was like to drink in a football ground so are they really missing out on anything?

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