Updated: The ten who died in the Clutha helicopter crash R.I.P

Robert Jenkins, 61

Mark O’Prey, 44

Colin Gibson, 33

John McGarrigle, 57

Gary Arthur, 48

Samuel McGhee, 56

David Traill, 51

Kirsty Nelis, 36

Tony Collins, 43

Rest in Peace.

The top six are those who died in the Clutha, the bottom three are the civilian pilot and the two police officers who were in the helicopter.  It may be a long time before we understand why this happened.  It will always be remembered how people helped each other.  They helped each other to get out the pub.  Nearby a hotel and mosque opened their doors to let people rest, those within the emergency services and those who were gathered to find out details of their loved ones. The taxi company who provided free transport to those needing to get to hospitals to find out about loved ones.  The pizza shop who stayed open over night to provide sustenance to the emergency services and those gathered.


Sadly, it has been announced that a tenth person has died after this horrific crash.

Joe Cusker, 59, died on Thursday (12/12/13).  He was inside the Clutha bar on 29/11/13 when the helicopter crashed and sustained serious injuries at the time.  He passed away at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

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