Nail polish nightmare

red nail polishYou know when you should leave well alone?

Tonight I thought to myself it’s time to remove the nail polish I’ve had on since Friday, a nice light green, and replace it with the red that I am very fond of.

There was nothing really wrong with the nail polish, a couple of chips here and there, nothing that couldn’t have been sorted with a quick touch up.

Oh no…

I want the red nail polish. So out comes the Extra Strength Nail Polisher Remover. I take off all the green nail polish. Part of me thinking I should have left it.

I do that then I get the red stuff out. Now I’m thinking I’ve done the right thing. Yay. I start painting the nails, get one hand done, start the next but I’m thinking something isn’t right. The polish isn’t lying right. It’s gone a bit gloopy, it’s not smooth on drying. Slight panic on. Have I left it open since the last time I used it? HAS THE AIR GOT TO IT?

So off all that comes and I try again. Same thing. ARGH!

Right, so I have a back up red nail polish. It’s not as nice as the other one but it will do. At least until I can get to the shop tomorrow to replace the Deep Red…

So I’m painting away, but the same thing is happening. I’m at the real WTF stage by now.

Have my nails become resistant to nail polish? (Life over!)

I removed all that nail polish as well. (Window’s open before I become overwhelmed by all the fumes and I’m found in a strange nail polish related death).

Then I realised what I’d done wrong. It’s a very simple thing. After removing the nail polish originally…I hadn’t washed my hands to get rid of the remains of the nail polish remover…

So now I have washed my hands thoroughly and one hand is painted perfectly (apart from one splodge on my finger caused by an involuntary twitch).

Fingers crossed (carefully) for the second hand….