Love is love

Possibly I’m quite simple and don’t understand the world…

So what is wrong with people marrying each other? By that I mean, two people who love each other making a commitment to be together, to stand by each other, to look after each other through the hard times, the good times – quite literally in sickness and in health.

Yet this very act of commitment seems to be causing some people utter distress. Why? Because sometimes those two people who want to make the commitment of marriage happen to be of the same sex.

I really don’t get the big deal of why this is an issue. Love is love. Love each other. ❤

2 thoughts on “Love is love

  1. Hey Gemma, I guess you were tuning in to the same #BBCQT debate I was. I was appalled by the alarming reaction to same-sex marriages.

    Love is love – Great post, and congrats on getting it up so quickly!

    1. Hi Paul. Yes I watched it. I never will understand this uproar against people marrying each other. In this world with hatred around every corner, love should be celebrated always. It doesn’t matter if that love is between two men or two women. ❤

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