Look Up…but don’t look away

I’ve seen this video circulating around social media in the last couple of days.  Look Up is utterly fantastic and spoken word used to its very best…on social media.  Yet it’s about putting your phone down and not using social media.

I don’t disagree with the video.  There are many aspects of it which are true.  We do need to rely less on social media, our phones, our on line lives.  We do need to get back to meeting up with real friends in the real life rather than pretending that those we talk to on line are all we need.

Only, I couldn’t help but think to myself that all these advances on the Internet have helped people.   They’ve made sure that a grandmother in Britain can talk live and see live her grandchildren in Australia.   Pictures can be exchanged immediately, moments after being taken, ensuring that loved ones don’t miss out on important days because of distance.  The video highlights the love found because the boy looked up from the phone and asked directions from the girl who happened to be walking along the street.  Yet many people meet each other on line now.  It’s hard to say you should leave the phone behind to meet the person of your dreams when the person of your dreams may actually be on line.

I’m a huge football fan, with social media and the Internet at my finger tips I can, if I can’t make the match, live the highs and lows of my favourite football team with fans who are at the match or who can’t make it but we can equally share the drama.  Those at the match provide insight, media companies provide their commentary, the Internet provides it all.

Breaking News comes to me quickly.  I tap an app on my phone and the latest news is at my fingertips.  A bleep from my phone alerts me of news to come.

I’m not sure I can, I’m not sure I want to live without that.

We can do small things though.  We can not be so rude as to check our phones while on a date, while out with friends, while eating dinner with our spouses or children.  We can make sure our children don’t vegetate in front of a games console or tablet but get out smell the fresh air, interact with real life.

Yet there is something else I realise, by reading social media, many of my friends are doing this, they are living life, they are merely reporting it via social media.

So yes, Look Up, but don’t look away.


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