The importance of appearances

While this experiment is not 100% validated this is a powerful example here of the so called importance of appearance.  The first time the actor collapses with illness he is dressed as if he were homeless, although to me it’s not the attire of someone who is homeless, more casual dress.  Still, he is ignored as he cried for help.  Well, not ignored as such, certainly plenty people stared and had a second or third look, none appeared to have stopped to offer assistance.

Cue the actor returning to the spot dressed more business-like.  He had the same illness and collapses and very quickly people rush to his aid.

Perhaps the most significant wording in that video, whether the experiment is 100% real or not, is the What if it was You?

What if someone decided not to help you because of the way you were dressed that day? Because of how you look.

The video shows a clip of a patient collapsing in a hospital and staff ignoring her for up to 45 minutes.  Yet they had a good look now and again.  It turned out to be too late.

Why don’t people want to help each other? They don’t like the idea of being ‘involved’? Whatever it is, it is very frightening to imagine that one day if you were in need of urgent help from a passerby, you wouldn’t necessarily get it.