Natural isn’t normal unless edited to be so

I’m not the shape of a woman that the media and fashion houses say I should be and over time I have posted videos of women who began as looking great before, but apparently stunning after being photoshopped to perfection.

Here is Boggie and it’s just best to watch the video really.

We take the human body and we demand that it be more perfect all the time.  Though the human body isn’t perfect.

Why do we keep saying you have to be perfect? I’m told I have beautiful eyes, a brilliant sense of humour, I am caring and loving but they ask why I am still single.   Why? Because I don’t have the perfect body and that is why.  I have lumps and bumps and I don’t even want to change them.  And that is why.

Is it any wonder I have a love/hate relationship with myself.  We were never alive to be perfect and we survive best because we aren’t.  Yet people still demand that we are.