We all have an opinion

QUICKBLOG before I go to bed.

At the moment there is one horrific situation going on in the Middle East between Palestine (Hamas) and Israel.  I am aware of that situation as I have been aware of it for years and years.  It’s not a new thing.  What’s new is that it’s intensified in recent days.

I don’t want to be told by parents that because I don’t have children I can’t understand the plight of children.


Of course I can.  Mostly because I understand the plight of humans.  

Why are we killing each other? 


Mostly, and with religion in the mix.

I was brought up to respect the opinions of other and that is what I do.  Do I agree with them all the time? No, but I respect that other person and that they should have that opinion.  Just don’t tell me that because I am not a mother I don’t understand the plight of mothers and children.  

Never have I said an opinion was invalid.  I may have disputed an opinion but that’s what debate is all about.

If we block and delete someone’s opinion then we’re saying it’s invalid and personally, I don’t go for that.  I’m not against you because I disagree with you, I’m saying you have an opinion and I respect that, I just don’t agree, and here’s why, I hope you’ll respect that.