I am Hibernian

One of the things that riles me during the football season is other fans telling me how, exactly, I should be supporting my team.

This isn’t exclusive to other Hibs fans but as they are the ones I interact with 99% of the time then it’s them that have the most to say.

Fans from other teams and our fans seem to have a lot to say on how I, and others should support our team.  We should be turning up, we should be hating this person/team, liking that person/team and don’t even bother thinking we can sign that person…

We’re terrible supporters if we don’t turn up.  We’re glory hunters or part time fans if we do.

Who can win with that?

Let me tell you about how I support Hibernian.

First of all, it is with all my heart.

Yet I am not led by my heart.  Not by a long shot, not with this team.

I can’t see every home game.  I don’t see how any fan can these days because games are not every second Saturday at 3PM, they’re Friday at 19:45, Saturday at 12:45, Sunday at 12:30, Monday at 19:45 or at any other time the TV companies decide.  There’s two home games together, four away games…just however the TV companies want it.  It’s not alternate weekends at 3PM, however much we would love it

There is a bonnie fitba team,

at Easter Road they play,

I go along to watch them,

when Sky Sports say they play…

Then there are fans from other teams who just want to stick their oar in to provoke.  “If it were me, I’d be there”, “I wouldn’t go into the last game of the season do or die without being there”.  That and a load of the same.

I never wanted Hibernian to be in this position.  I certainly never thought seriously enough about it to think it could happen or I would have pre-arranged days off to be there for my team.

Be there for my team.

Yes.  Yes, I did just utter those words.  As bad as Hibs are, as much as they are letting us down I can’t let them go into this battle on Saturday without being there.  My presence alone means nothing to them but it means everything to me.  Win or lose.  Safety or playoff,  I have to be there.  Thousands of other fans feel the same.

So I’m going.  I’ve taken an unpaid day off work.  I and a few thousand other fans will go to Easter Road on Saturday and we will support our team.  We support them because we support the name, we love and support the badge, we are Hibernian.  

When the team runs out in the green and white we all, for a few short moments at least,BELIEVE. Regardless of how you feel, we do believe for a few seconds.  It can happen.

Other Hibs fans can mock us, tell us that Butcher is a disgrace, the confidence is gone and we’re going down but while we listen to this, we keep a little bit of belief that it just isn’t over yet.

Other fans can jest, can post how they think next season will pan out but this season isn’t over.  Even if, after 90 minutes on Saturday we lose, we still aren’t down, we have two more games.

I’m an optimistic person, there is no denying that.  I won’t have that pestered out of me by other fans of any team.

I support my team, I am Hibernian.