Good luck Hibernian – it’s time we did this

First league game of the season is mere hours away.  If you’re excited about it then you are certainly not alone.  For the first time in many a season there’s an air of positivity, an air of hope.  There’s an air of confidence at the moment.  Not of over-confidence, that wouldn’t be right, but just a small feeling that we seem to have something to look forward to.

Are we wrong to feel like that? No we’re not, certainly not.  It’s a long time coming.

While relegation was never going to be ideal, or acceptable, sometimes it takes a shock like that to get things moving, to get rid of the old and to get the new in.  Look at what has changed at the club.  We’ve got a new manager, well – head coach, a player clear out – not agreed by all supporters but certainly making a difference – and new players in, a new CEO, a more open club which is willing to have dialogue not just with supporters groups but with individual supporters as well via email and sometimes in person.  Even down to the media side we’ve a new website which just simply looks better as well as being easier to navigate.  Our Twitter handle has finally been changed from @HibernianFCClub, essentially meaning we were Hibernian Football Club Club…now it’s @HibsOfficial, much more sensible.

While things are certainly not perfect at Easter Road, it is noticeable that, rather than just make the usual changes, maybe the manager, maybe bring in a new player and stick with old other wise, an overhaul has been made.  Not everyone is happy with the changes, not everyone has been happy with the decisions made.  Let’s face it though, the support will never be 100% happy.  Even if we win matches there will always be something wrong, simply because that’s true, nothing is perfect.

Actually, I take that back, I know what will make the support 100% happy…yep, promotion back to the Premiership, and maybe a Scottish Cup thrown in. 😉

Shortly before 3PM on Saturday 9th August 2014 Hibs will be led out onto the Easter Road turf  by Stewart Woolard, a 90-year old Hibs fan who has seen it all in his eight decades of supporting the club.  They will be nervous.  The supporters will be nervous.

Good luck Hibernian.  Good luck Alan Stubbs.  Good luck Hibernian support.

It’s time we did this.


2 thoughts on “Good luck Hibernian – it’s time we did this

    1. Shame you lost. And by that I mean…good game, but I’m glad we took the 3 points 😛 GGTTH

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