A green future

I never wanted Fenlon to leave when he did. I wanted him to finish the season. I think he did a lot for our club and he became attached to us as well. However, he chose to go and like most other folk I thought Butcher was the best option, his record with ICT was good and I suppose I did believe he could rebuild us. I was wrong and I won’t ever forget the first time I saw Malpas verbal with a fan. I was sitting there saying “what’s this dick up to?” So unprofessional and just wrong. Then a couple games later he squared up to a fan. I sit near the box and I couldn’t believe it. The stewards had to step in because Malpas was going fighting and the fan involved was up for it. And Butcher? Glanced over then turned a blind eye. I knew then they were both dicks. He should have been turning Malpas’ attention to the game, but he ignored it and thought it was OK for his second to squaring up to rightfully disgruntled fans.

It’s taken me a long time but I actually believe what those two asses did has done the club good. They ruined us but we were already heading down that road and they just finished us off. It was terrible and I celebrated when LD sacked the pair of them. Proper celebrated.

From bad comes good, the club needed to rebuild, it has probably known that for a long time, this forced it to happen.  We had Leeann coming in anyway, although she wasn’t expecting to come into this mess that had been created.  She did though and she had done wonders since.

The sacking of Butcher and Malpas, the signing of Alan Stubbs. All wonderful. Some wanted old names reappointed as manager but in reality, that wasn’t going to happen. We had to make this a new dawn, we did.

The start of the season wasn’t great. A big sense of nothing will change. It did though, and look at us now. One game away from a semi-final Hampden. This time last year I never imagined we’d be in this position. This time last year I never imagined we’d be in the Championship. But we are and we’re second. It’s all starting to come together.

We’ve got a fantastic squad of players, and brilliant and football intelligent Head Coach and behind him a team of staff that are the best we’ve had in a long time.

This is the most positive I have felt about Hibernian in a long, long time. I probably last felt positive when Pat Fenlon came in and stopped us from being relegated then into the Cup Final.

Never taking anything for granted, I know how much hard work has gone into getting us where we are. It could have been different, we could have slumped all season and with that spate of injuries we had last year it was possible we wouldn’t get it together at all, but even then there were signs things were getting better, and they did. Stubbs kept it all together, knowing how to get the best out of each player rather than just the team.

I can only see good things in our future and that’s how it should be. Off field we’ve got HSL/shares and the new loyalty scheme. On field it’s clicking together, we’re keeping clean sheets. More goals would be nice but as many have said, it doesn’t matter how much you win by, it’s the three points that count and we’re getting those three points more often than not.

So here we go Hibees, this is our time.

The future’s bright, the future’s green.