Ashley Madison: Creating adulterers across the world

When I first heard that a dating site had been hacked and the user information had been stolen I was initially unperturbed. Then I found out what site it was and what it does.

I am neither one way or another about dating websites. I’ve tried them and they don’t work for me but I have friends who have met their other halves on them and that’s good too.

When the news broke that a website called Ashley Madison had been hacked I scanned the news and read the words “dating website” and I immediately felt sorry for all those users who innocentlyentered their details to a website in order to find Mr or Mrs Right.

 A while later, the news on in the background, I heard the name of the website and the words “adultery” so I paid more attention and I was horrified. A site that promotes adultery? This couldn’t be. Only it is.

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