Hibs in the play offs. Here we go, here we go, here we go!

Here we go, here we go, here we go! Into the play-0ff quarter-final we go.  Not ideal but it is what it is and we have to deal with that.

Hibs did nothing wrong on Sunday.  We won the match and on a different day we’d have been dancing about like Carlton.

Sadly, Falkirk won theirs to and they finished second but on goal difference only.  Which made us third on goal difference only.

It was the players I felt for, they really pushed themselves on Sunday as they have for the majority of the season and I thought they didn’t getting the ending they deserved.  However, every single one of them will fight tooth and nail for promotion, I have no worries about that.

pink lady

So, a twelve-thirty kick-off so Rangers could manage a draw at St Mirren Park live on TV it was.  I’ll admit to hitting the snooze button more than once in the morning.  Then when I did get up I had the usual rush and left the house half awake and roasting hot hoping that I’d packed everything I needed.  This included a pack of already sliced Pink Lady apple which was definitely in my bag when I left the house.

The steward at the ground asked me to open my rucksack and asked what was in my bag.  Water, soda water with orange in it, trousers…then he felt my bag asking if I had any cans in it.  I assured him not and then he said he’d have to smell my bottles.  I though in the name of the wee man, I am bursting for the latrine. So I handed him my bottle of soda water and orange whilst warning him that it was fizzy and had been in my bag, too late, he’d started to opening it…he asked me to finish opening it whilst wiping liquid from his hands onto his jacket.  I opened it and he sniffed it. I doubt he smelled anything, only my lip gloss.

Next was my Britta filter bottle.  You know the type, filter goes in the lid, fill it with water and Bob’s your uncle as you drink it it gets filtered.  Genius.  So I was a bit concerned when he asked to smell that.  I’m sure if I wanted to sneak in a bottle of vodka I wouldn’t pick a Britta filter bottle but hey ho.  Once I’d packed up my bag again he thanked me, more than once.  Honestly, I was working Sunday, so not sure why I would be sneaking drink into the ground.  I wouldn’t anyway though sometimes I advocate bars in the ground…

Anyway.  Sir Alan of Stubbs started off with a team that had Jason Cummings on the bench and a start for hatrick hero James Keatings.  Conrad Logan kept the gloves and Liam Fontaine made a start as well.  Niklas Gunnarsson also kept his start as well.  He’s a player I really value.  He’s fast, he works hard and he sneaks about so while teams think they have him covered he just pops up elsewhere and does the job.  Like today when he scored our opener in the 67th minute.  He is the one player I would say is mostly unlikely to score, yet he does.  Not always but he’s capable.

Iain Russell moan
Moan of the Match Iain Russell

Man of the Match went to Hibs Liam Henderson but Moan of the Match should go to QotS’s Iain Russell.  That lad moaned about absolutely everything.  Still, he got a good telling off from the West stand with the best shout being “Shut up you!” which everyone agreed with.  That was after Russell said “hey you” to the linesman, “he was pulling my shirt”.  Stop greeting lad, he should have pulled the shirt over your head and given us all peace.

Jason gave us our second goal thirteen minutes after he replaced Fraser Fyvie.  A lot of people are doubting JC at the moment but I can’t.  This is a lad that has visibly grown as a player under Stubbs.  He tries his absolute hardest everytime he’s on the pitch and now he’s fighting for his place he comes on as a sub and works hard.  He makes mistakes, show me a player who doesn’t, but he knows what he’s being asked to do and he does it more often than not.

I’m an Oxley fan but I’m glad Conrad Logan has the gloves at the moment.  Showing Ox that he’s not automatically first choice means he needs to up his game to get back into the starting gloves.  Conradge hasn’t had much to do in the last two games but he’s eyes on the game all the time and never loses concentration, a very good thing going into the play-offs.  I would stick with him.

So here we go.  We’ve all paid our money and we’re about the get on the Hibernian Play Off Rollercoaster.  We need to beat Raith at Starko Parko and then again at Easter Road and then go on to play Falkirk home and away.  I know wins aren’t necessary in all the games it would be nice.  We don’t need extra minutes in both fixtures before the final.

green rollercoaster
The Hibernian rollercoaster, jump on for an exciting ride!

As for the Pink Lady apple pack I never saw them again.  I searched high and low but that little packet of apple slices has gone.  So I do apologise to the person who will find a packet of fusty apple slices in the next few days…

Anyway, back to the football.  I believe we can do this.  It’s not beyond us.  But we have to get behind the team and support them.  We have to let them know we are there and there is no better way of doing that than filling Easter Road on Saturday.  I don’t think asking £15 is a lot to ask for.  Get behind the team! My seat is booked and paid for.  I won’t let them down and I’m sure they won’t let us down.

The Hibernian rollercoaster never stops.  Pay the money and get on! It’s a helluva ride!