Heatwave at Easter Road

I write this blog slouched on the sofa after another week on the rollercoaster that belongs to Hibernian.  I didn’t go over to Fife on Wednesday as I was under the weather but I kept track of the game on Twitter and the radio.  To be fair, I wasn’t exactly unsurprised by the result because nothing really surprises me when it comes to Hibs but I was annoyed and disappointed.

However, as the sensible people pointed out, it was only half time in a two leg fixture.  Another 90 minutes and all to play for.

Anyone ever tried running through the shower?

So Saturday it was.  A shoddy half-twelve start (they should be out-lawed) and I set my alarm for the wrong time so ended up running late.  So, I ran through the shower (I didn’t really but one day I’ll try it) and headed off to Easter Road.

What was going to happen on Saturday? Anyone’s guess.  But Hibs at home is always an advantage.  Usually.  Ticket sales were up for the game which is always good and Raith brought roughly 1,600 fans through so it was going to be a noisy stadium.  I joined in when I finally woke up.

In good Gemma tradition I missed the first goal and I still haven’t seen it but well done to John McGinn for putting Hibs 1-0 ahead meaning the tie was now 1-1.

I’d noticed on Friday night that someone had purchased the seat that I usually put my jacket on so just as well it was chilly and I kept my jacket on.  So much for the scorching heatwave.

Anyway, the real heatwave was happening on the pitch.  Darren McGregor made it 2-1 for Hibs in the 12th minutes, wahey, Hibs were ahead and they were bombing through Raith.  The decision to bring Liam Henderson back into the starting eleven was a good one because he played his hair off during the 82 minutes he was on the pitch.  That and the corner that McGregor got his goal from earned Hendo the man of the match and well done because it was much derserved.

Raith tried to press against us in the second half and like every Hibby I know, Hibs having a lead means nothing until the final whistle is blown.  In truth Raith never looked like scoring and Conrad Logan had a relatively quiet afternoon.  I say quiet but he’s anything but, continually talking (loudly) to the team throughout the match.  It’s a good thing, he has his eye on the game.

During the second half Raith had a corner and from the moment it was hit it was goalies ball and there he was, rising from the melee in the box to claim the ball that was always his.

He ‘s certainly a player who will see a contract offered to him and I’ll be disappointed if he isn’t.

Rumour bus
The Rumour Bus heading along the M8

The rumour mill is churning at the moment with a news outlet (that shall not be named) saying that Bolton have Stubbs on their wanted list as they seek to replace Neil Lennon.  Of course, these rumours always seem to surface when Hibs have big games coming up, you know like a play-off semi final with Falkirk coming up and a Scottish Cup Final with Rangers all coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Don’t be surprised to hear rumours of Jason leaving or of Lewis Stevenson hanging his boots up or Celtic are after so and so.  Usually these rumours make their way along the M8 from the West.

black cat 2
Avoid at all costs!

So onto the play-off semi final with the first game at Easter Road on Tuesday night at 19:45 kick off.  The return leg in Falkirk is on Friday (yes, a FRIDAY) the 13th and 19:45.  Trust us to have a game on Friday the 13th.  Please could everyone stay away from black cats and avoid walking under ladders, thank you.

I’m no fan of Friday night games either.  However, in this case I’ll refrain from much comment as it probably is beneficial to get this tie out the way as early as possible because if we win the tie the first leg against Kilmarnock will take place on the following Tuesday the 17th, then the Cup Final on the 21st and the second leg against Killie the following Wednesday the 25th.  By then we could have had a great season or, indeed, a bad one.  Let’s hope it’s the former.

As for Falkirk, I always take the opportunity to appreciate Falkirk getting beat, especially this season and it will be very pleasing for beat them twice in the play-offs so let’s do it! Always relish the chance to say “pipe doon Houston”.  Let’s do it twice in one week.  Bring ’em on!

I would suggest to Stubbers to bench Stokes and try Keatings and Cummings together from the start.  I say that even though I felt he played well on Saturday.  We just need something different up front.

Pelters to Jonathan Sutherland for using the phrase “hibsing it” on Sportscene.  Boooooooooo! Two cup finals in a season, possible promotion and saw off nearly half the premiership teams (including Farts)…if that’s Hibsing It, I’ll take it.  I hope our next couple of weeks give the doubters a red face and perhaps Hibsing It might be the right phrase to use meaning we shut everyone up.

Before I go, well done to the Hibernian Ladies team who saw off Rangers Ladies on Sunday lunchtime with 4-1 win that sees them in to the final of SWPL Cup.  Goals came from Abi Harrison (2), and one each for Lizzie Arnot and Sarah Ewens.  They will play Glasgow City in the final at Ainslie Park on Wednesday 15th June with a kick off of 19:45.

And so this blog comes to an end but the Hibernian rollercoaster rides on.

Keep the Faith.

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