Bad Day at the Easter Road Office

When I left Easter Road yesterday afternoon I was actually at a loss for words.  This isn’t the first time that’s happened, but it only ever happens after a loss.

After a win I can give you any number of words, sentences and usually clichés galore because there is so much to be said about winning.

When I found my words they were “Postmortem needed because that was murder”.

Hibs, in front of a 15,056 crowd should have safely taken care of Ayr United FC.  We should have seen that as a given three points but we didn’t.  Or maybe we did.  Maybe we thought that because it was Ayr United it would be easy and we’d coast it.

What we failed to realise is that any team coming to Easter Road as the underdogs will always give it 100%.  Especially in the Championship.  Hibs are the team that everyone wants to scalp and Ayr came to Easter Road and did just that.

So what went wrong? Well, it looks like we didn’t do our homework.  Ayr United play with pace.  They are fast and they are more accurate than we gave them credit for.  Our accuracy was shocking.  Simple passes being intercepted when they should never have been.  Communication was shocking shocking as well.  I know Lennon took the mobiles phones out of training but the players seemed to have lost all contact on the pitch.  It was dreadful.

In the first half Ayr didn’t know who Marciano was.  Shame that Hibs couldn’t find their way up the opposite end.  For the entire game Hibs didn’t take the chances that they were given.

In ninety minutes of action Hibs had plenty opportunities to score but didn’t take them.  How can you be infont of the goal and not shoot? Well, this is what happened.  Rather than take the shot our players passed out (almost literally!),  passed for about another 400 times and then lost the ball.  This was consistent throughout the game.  Why the hell didn’t we just shoot? The aim of the game is to score goals but when we had some good chances to score the ball was passed out and chances missed.

We couldn’t contain Ayr.  They knew us.  They did their homework.

Bartley’s sending off.  Hmm.  From what I saw from my seat it was a yellow card offence if anything.  I haven’t seen any replays so far but I know the officials have and the club have and the decision to appeal will have been taken or not.  For me, not a red card.  It was a terrible decision from Nick Walsh.  I don’t know this official so I can’t comment on his previous.  I’d rather not see him again but no doubt I will.

Hibs have to look at the Ayr game.  They have to sit down and tell themselves that they could have and should have done better.  The supporters have got behind them and yesterday the team failed to thank them for that.  They were lazy and poor and couldn’t communicate and they let their supporters old and new down.

Hibs can claim to have been in control but quite frankly I didn’t see it.  I wasn’t surprised we couldn’t control the game but from kick off we didn’t have it.  It was taken from our control and I would say that Ayr actually surprised us.  It looked like we took for granted that we’d beat them.

Hibs can claim the fancy footwork.  We can’t claim the accurate passes though.  We seem to have forgotten what they are.  We also seem to forget that lumping in a kick to Jason where he has to header to bring the ball down is a no-no.  As much as he can nod a great cross in, the opposition generally put a taller player on him.  He’s not a tall player.  If you want an accuate cross to Jason then put it to his chest or feet.

However, Jason can at least claim credit for at least one highlight, his goal.  It might not have won us the match or even a point but it was a fantastic goal which can be viewed here.

It was not the day we had hoped.  I agree with the man of the match (sponsors) decision of Fraser Fyvie.  He played better than he has been playing for a while and earns a place in the team in my mind.

The Dictionary.Com definition of Persevre is this:

to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.
So we will.  Neil Lennon will take the boys and he’ll get them to put Saturday out of their minds.  They have to or else our season could turn on a game.  Yes, QotS are above us by a point and that’s what we need to look at because that’s where we head next Saturday and it’s a must win.  Neither Raith Rovers or Falkirk can go above us next week, whatever their results are, our sole focus must be on three points next week and nothing else.

5 thoughts on “Bad Day at the Easter Road Office

  1. thought as well as the sending off 2 subs changed the game.holt who had been going into space and holding the ball up then passing and the other was harkins going off.he did nothing for ayr and it was no surprise his replacement was 100%better.

  2. Agree with everything you said there Gemma, thought I was transported back to last season yesterday, hope they take a good look at themselves and get back to how we know they can play

    1. It did feel like that indeed. I’m sure there will be questions being asked. Next week is crucial. We do know they can play a lot better than that and I am sure they will. Fingers crossed.

  3. Great blog Gemma, there were certainly not many players on their game and can’t put all the blame on the ref. The most disappointing thing for me was at the end when only John Mcginn clapped the support. It may have been a bad day at the office but all the players should appreciate the money and effort supporters put in.

    1. Hmm, I didn’t see that. As soon as the final whistle went I headed off. Very disappointing indeed. The fans have got behind the boys this season, big time, and the majority of fans are writing this off as a bad day and are sticking behind them so they should at least acknowledge that.

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