When Exuberance Won…

Sigh.  Another day and another “woe is me” statement from Ibrox.  Poor old (new) Rangers.  What on earth did they do to deserve such a tough run of luck? No one there can understand it.  They got beaten in the Scottish Cup Final on May 21st when it was their right to win it.  Every player and official was assaulted on the pitch when a vicious Hibernian crowd ran on to the pitch intent on causing as much violence and desruction as possible.  Everything that has happened to Rangers since has been Hibernian’s fault.

Well, that’s what you’d think if you were an outsider looking in.  That’s what you’d think if you had no idea what was going on if you happened across the Rangers statements or certain half-witted journalists writing for a paper that’s affiliated to a club but won’t admit it.

Just to quickly recap, on May the 21st 2016 Hibernian Football Club ended a 114-year wait for the Scottish Cup.  For years they have endured teasing (to put it mildly) from that other team in the city (no, not Edinburgh City, the other one), who dedicated their entire songbook to taunting Hibs about not winning the cup.  Anyone who wanted to take a potshot at the mighty Hibernian would just say “114 years”.  Usually it came from that area of Gorgie that used to be a piggery and hasn’t moved on much since.

Rangers, though, felt that they should have won the cup when Andy Halliday put them 2-1 up.  In fact, they probably thought that the referee should just have stopped the game there and then because the score was correct.  However, referee Steven McLean carried on to play the full length of the game.  Rangers lost the game at 90+2 when David Gray, the Captain, scored from a Liam Henderson delivery.  Rangers had failed to beat Hibs, failed to understand that Anthony Stokes was a man on a mission scoring two of Hibs’ three goals.  That’s where it all went wrong for the team that is gaining a reputation of being Victims FC.

After the final whistle a few thousand Hibs fans rushed onto the pitch.  While I don’t condone bringing a goal frame down and ripping up turf I will say this, it wasn’t done in anger.  It wasn’t a riot.  It wasn’t a protest or bad behaviour.  It was the end of a one hundred and fourteen years wait to lift the Scottish Cup.  Anyone expecting a polite applause could be called deluded.  Hibs paid for the damage, didn’t blame the fans and cooperated in investigations into the events.  In fact, when Rod Petrie gave his interview to Sky Sports after the game he said Hibs would take responsibility for the damage and pointed out that there was no malice in the pitch invasion.

Remember the word “exuberance”.

Rangers, however, went into a complete meltdown following this, aided by Keith Jackson “journalist” who claimed that every Rangers player had been assaulted or spat on in his article of the 22nd of May.  Without a shred of proof Rangers decided to go on this half-cocked route of blaming Hibs for anything and everything they could.

Only, what they claim didn’t happen and the SFA have supported that with the Wednesday statement that neither team would face any further action.  You can read the full statement here but it points out that thanks to Hibs the whinging team, Rangers, acutally had the complaint against them dropped.  Do Rangers acknowledge that? Do I wear Maroon and suck up to Rangers? No.

Instead Rangers have gone off on a big moan.  Their statement about the decision will either make you laugh or cry.  Or cry with laughter.

First paragraph:

FOLLOWING yesterday’s Judicial Panel decision Rangers will be demanding urgent clarification from the Scottish FA over how they intend ensuring the safety of players and officials participating in this season’s Scottish Cup. The Club has been left shocked by the SFA’s approach to this vital safety issue and by the decision not to seek sanctions in respect of the assaults by Hibernian supporters on Rangers players and officials at the end of the Cup Final last May.

Forgetting that they have failed to provide any evidence of assaults Rangers are going with this.  Now, we’re talking about a packed stadium that would have had thousands of people recording the events of the end of the final on their smart phones.  It was a televised game with all cameras recording, not just the ones that were showing on the TV.  Yet there is not one piece of evidence being submitted by the worlds biggest moaners to prove that they were on the receiving end of a good clumping.  As they say they were.

Rangers are also wringing their hands about Hibs use of an SPFL lawyer, which they are allowed, to look into an SFA case.  They are apparently “astonished” about this.  In fact, they are very worried.  Despite the fact that because of this they aren’t being charged with anything, something they appear to have forgotten.

However, the most hilarious part of the whole statement was their shock at Rod Petrie at not apologising for something he has no reason to apologise for.  Rod said the whole thing was exuberance at winning the cup after 114 years and the SFA have agreed.  No doubt Rangers will think he had an influence on this decision.  That’s the way they think and no one will change their mind.

Rangers have also had a waffle about…

Rangers owe it to our players and supporters to ensure that the Scottish FA’s duty of care is upheld and that those with authority in Scottish Football create a safe environment for the game.

Aaaaaaaaah.  Hello Rangers, how did the real fans of your team react when trying to use the toilet facilities of the Celtic Park away end after the game? I’m pretty sure they ran off while your “supporters” tore apart the cubicles and urinals and not to mention the ceiling and sinks causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.  Rangers got beat and they went on a wrecking spree.

This might be the time Rangers choose to forget their past and decide they only began in 2012.

Aston Villa v Rangers in a FRIENDLY pitch invasion by Rangers

On October the ninth, this year, it’ll be 40 years since Rangers travelled to Birmingham for a friendly and ended up having the game abandoned because they couldn’t behave themselves.  Many supporters were flung off trains beforehand and Rangers, in the ground, decided to invade the pitch and cause mayhem which resulted in both teams fleeing the pitch and the game being abandoned.

What a lovely team.

Of course we also have the Rangers fans getting over excited twenty years ago.

Rangers don’t do carrying goalposts away…

Dear Victims,

You got beat on the 21st of May 2016.  Everyone knows you felt you were entitled to win.  You didn’t.  If you can’t live with this you’ll never get anywhere.  You’re the team to easily beat at the moment.  Can’t get into the top 6 of the SPL.  Keep staying on the subject that you’re entitled, who cares?

All the best,

Hibernian.  Remember us, we beat you in the cup final and we annoyed you by celebrating and being EXUBERANT.

From Oxford dictionary



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  1. I was assaulted on Sauchiehall Street. Phoned the SFA right away to report it and so far NOBODY from there has even phoned me back never mind investigate. This was several months ago.

    Absolutely Ragin.

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