SFA and FA should defy FIFA

FIFA, that well respected governance of world football, have again brought a negative story upon themselves.  This time it’s put a stamp on Scotland and England displaying poppies.  Why? Because FIFA think they are a political statement.

I’m not even sure why anyone listens to FIFA any more.  A federation rife with corruption which I am still sure is there because where there is money and power there is always corruption.  I’m not being cynical there, I believe it to be the truth.  I won’t go into events of recent past because I am sure most people know the nonsense that has gone on with a federation that’s supposed to govern The Beautiful Game.

Thankfully though, the FA and the SFA have said NO and they are right.  The poppy is a symbol of remembrance and over the years it has gone from being that symbol for the fallen in our wars to the fallen in wars elsewhere, including the innocent civilians who have died as a result of war.  While we have services to remember the fallen soldiers in war, we remember all.

It’s not often I find anything good to say about the SFA but I am glad they have joined with the FA in saying that they will wear it on a black armband, something the FA have been thinking about for a while.

Meanwhile, Fifa secretary general Fatma Samoura appears to have some issue with the poppy maybe only representing one country.  Well, yes dear, that would be the UK of which Scotland and England are part of.  What’s your point, Fatma?

The SFA:

We fully respect the laws of the game and take our founding role on the International Football Association Board extremely seriously.

The poppy is an important symbol of remembrance and we do not believe it represents a political, religious or commercial message, nor does it relate to any one historical event.

In keeping with what we believe is in accordance with Law 4, para 4, the Scottish FA intends to pay appropriate tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by having the Scotland national team wear black armbands bearing poppies in our fixture against England on Armistice Day.

The FA:


Both associations released similar statements of intent and as far as I am concerned FIFA can lump it.  I am behind both FA’s in this stance and if FIFA feel they have to impose sanctions then go for it FIFA because I’d prefer these two football teams were allowed to respect the fallen.

I would say to the Football Association of Wales, if your request to wear the poppy on the twelfth is turned down then wear it anyway because you’ll have the support of every other country in the UK.

What I would really like is for FIFA to give a sensible answer as to why they think the poppy symbol is a political one.  I don’t think they could truly give one.  Are they deflecting from some other corruption story? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Wear your poppy and wear it with pride.  Lest We Forget.