Site under reconstruction

Not satisfied with a quick change I have gone for the full whack.  I also want to do this without closing the site down for any reason.  All content is still available all of the time.

It is driving me slightly insane at the moment as I have to update each individual post to create the site that I want.  Well, almost the site I want.

However, I’m a Hibby and our new motto is Persevered and I will continue.  If you visit the site and it looks a bit out of sorts then it probably is.  It’ll probably also means I am drinking wine like it’s going out of fashion.  I have no patience for this sort of thing and I will likely not like the finished result.

I have got a current craving for a Chinese takeaway even though it’s just after midnight and I have to get up at six for work.  Still, the weekend is on the horizon which likely means I’ll not get any further on with the site.  Well, either that or I’ll dedicate the weekend to working on the site and will have wine infused via IV.  I’ll need it.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy it.  I’ll try and produce a site worth reading next week.

Also, if you have any ideas what to do with CD’s that you no longer want the let me know.  I have a few hundred but I want them to be used to either to enhance someone’s life or to generate money for a charity.

I think I’ll got to be soon, I’m getting one of me heads.