Keep the feel good factor going at Easter Road.

You know when you’re sitting there and you think to yourself that you could be studying, tidying, washing or ironing but you think nah, I’ll do a blog about Hibs.

During the time that Alan Stubbs was in charge I always felt that feel good factor at the club, even when the chips were down he always managed to get the feeling good again.  I have to admit that I haven’t really felt that so far this season.  Yes, I’ve felt the good when things are good but a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in Easter Road, Raith has just scored against us, perhaps against the run of play.  There was a murmur or two around me about Lennon’s choices.  Jason started that game but he’d a benchie for a few weeks and it was starting to rankle, at least among those I sit with.  Why bench the top scorer? That’s been getting asked for weeks.  There have been rumours of course but whatever the reason was, Lennon had to get over it and start him.

It would seem that Lennon had some thinking to do after bringing Jason on in the 75th minute against Morton when we were 1-0 down.  Jason did was Jason does and scored.  The match finished 1-1 but rather than three points lost it was just two.

Peter Houston

Jason didn’t score against Raith but had justified himself in the starting line-up – thankfully – after Falkirk’s Sibbald scored in the 15th minute on Saturday.  I admit, I wasn’t at the game (I was in Jo Malone’s having a hand and arm massage during the first half), but the laughs I have had about Houston’s short-lived celebrations have been great.  Jason just does what Jason does and two minutes later wipes the smile from Houston’s face.  I can imagine Houston’s boat when Kris Commons hit that stunner for the win though.  Thank you Hibs.

So back to that feeling in the Raith game.  It was just a bit odd and I didn’t like it.  However, since then, with the win against Falkirk (and Dundee Utd getting beat) the feeling has changed again.  The players seem buoyant again.  Their social media accounts are positive.  Fans are positive.  Perhaps going into the New Year top of the league helped that change.  Hibs New Years resolution is to win the league and by a margin.

So Friday is the biggie.  Home tie against Dundee United.  A MUST win game.  At the time of writing the interactive seating plan looks like;


It will likely look redder by the time this blog is posted.

There’s an excitement about Friday.  Fans are buzzing.  Come on Hibs, footy under the floodlights, frozen legs and feet…what could be better?