Snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat

With a massive Cup Derby coming up in a weeks time it was pretty much guaranteed that Hibs would do something insane while Hearts seem to have upped their game.

In the fourth minute our defence went slapstick, didn’t have a clue what was happening.  Ross Laidlaw watched his defence crumble in front of him and tried to guess what the hell they were up to before Robert Crawford got his toe on the ball.  Laidlaw saw it but was only able to help parry it into the net after being slightly wrong footed thanks to his defences shocking display in front of goal.

From where I was sitting it looked like every defensive player seemed to assume that every other player was going to do something about it.  Legs flew, feet missing the ball all over the place.  It was shambolic to watch.  The sooner Paul Hanlon is back and fit the better.

The team selection was another baffler.  Cummings on the bench and Shinnie on! I have been asked if I have heard of squad rotation.  Yes I have, but you don’t rotate your squad every week.  You find a winning team and you put them out every week with as little change as possible.  If Lennon hasn’t settled on a league first team by February then there’s a worry.

To a man the team was rank rotten in the first half.  Lennon had a big job to do at half time and thankfully it worked.  Pushed more and seemed to want it.  They tightened up a bit at the back but still worryingly bad.  The mutterings around me suggested that it still seemed more likely that Ayr would score again.

The crowd sighed with relief when Lennon finally brought Shinnie off and put Cummings on in the 60th minute and in the 74th Jason would do what we all expect of him. He scored.  He got us a point that we desperately needed at that moment.  It would be even more of a result as later in the evening Dundee United would beat Raith 3-0.  Instead of extending our lead or seeing it remain the same we actually managed to reduce it.

HOWEVER.  That’s league business.  We’ve still got a lead and Saturday will just be put down to…um…*lifts carpet and sweeps under*.  Scottish Cup date next Sunday with those on the other side of town.  They’ve won their last two league games against a shoddy Rangers side and a 10 man Motherwell side.  Fair enough some of their play is good, their new boys have hit the pitch running.  Their new boys haven’t experienced a derby where the majority of our team has and and not just a derby but a cup derby where we went 2-0 down before and we all know how that worked out.  Nothing is certain in the Edinburgh derby and this one is extra special.  Hearts could put the current cup holders out.  Something they’ll probably try and create a new song book about should it happen.  Or, Hibs could overcome them, put their rivals out and continue on another cup run.

Hands held up, it would hurt to go out to them but I have all my memorabilia from the Scottish Cup.  I was there.  I saw history being made.  I have touched the Scottish Cup with Hibs ribbons on it, I have held it.  I have been on the parade.  I have the memories of one of the greatest days in Hiberian history and no one will EVER take that away from me nor any other Hibby.

The reason for this is because, above all, promotion is our target.  That is clear.  That is what this season is all about.  It’s time we went up.  No ifs, no buts.  Another cup run and even another cup would be a bonus but the goal is promotion and that is what we have to concentrate on.  That is what we will concentrate on.

In other news;

Hearts fans outdid themselves on their own forum this weekend when they picked up on a Hibs fan selling derby tickets.  They dedicated an entire thread to this, failing to realise the humour behind the tweet and anyone who did point out they were being taken for ride was beaten down. Thank you Jambos for keeping us all amused, yet again.

Elsewhere, James Tavernier hit the media with his thoughts on closing the the gap with Celtic on the weekend Rangers slipped to third on goal difference to Aberdeen.  WATP: We Are Third Place.

The transfer window was not kind to us.  Stokes nearly signed.  Hendo never was and good luck to him as he seems to be impressing Rodgers.  The lad has Hibs in his blood so forever behind him.

Until we meet again Hibernian followers, likely after the derby, Keep the Faith.  We Do What We Want.

GGTTH always.

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