Boring Hibs while SFA show they haven’t a clue

You pretty much don’t have to attend a Hibs game at the moment to know how the script goes.

Hibs turn up, league leaders, really needing a win just to be safe and come away with a draw or a boring win instead.  Or, in the case of St Mirren, a loss.  As league leaders we should be blowing away those below us in the first forty-five, if not then in sixty-minutes but we’re not, we’re like a gentle breeze.

However, a boring win is a win.  A draw is annoying but it’s a point and it’s not a loss and all going well and all going our way, we will be confirmed league winners next Saturday and can look forward to the Scottish Cup semi the following week.  Of course, one of the things that needs to go right next week is that we need to beat Queen of the South at Easter Road.  Surely, Hibs, surely!

Saturday’s trip to Morton had a few talking points beforehand.  One was, of course, would Neil Lennon and Jim Duffy go for it in round 2? Answer: no they didn’t. In fact, they shocked most of the pundits and even their own players as they strode towards each other (worrying at that bit) and hugged.  It wasn’t even the start of a wrestling move but a genuine hug with smiles and everything else.  They went on to do a joint interview just to show there were no hard feelings.

That’s why all these complaints from the Compliance Officer are so silly.  Yes, we have our rules and everything that goes with it.  It was a bad flare up at Easter Road which maybe should have earned the managers a carpeting by their clubs but this dragging it out over weeks is just a nonsense.  The SFA though, they like everyone to know they are in charge, even if they don’t appear to know what they’re doing.

Kudus Oyenuga, according to the Compliance Officer, would face no further action following his theatrics at Easter Road.  Despite reviewing that footage that clearly showed him making the most out of the event, he wasn’t to face any further action.

So, Hibs fans were annoyed and rightly so because if the Compliance Officer was saying Oyenuga was innocent then our own Darren McGregor was surely going to have his red card upheld.  It’s a logical assumption to make.  If Oyenuga hasn’t cheated then the Compliance Officer would have to find Darren guilty and then he would face a two match ban.

This is no ordinary football association though.  This is the Scottish Football Association.  Sanity doesn’t rule here.  What does rule?  Well, that’s not for me to say but think what you will.

No space left under the SFA carpet

On Thursday Darren’s red card was reduced to a yellow.  Nick Walsh’s horrendous mistake was, again, brushed under a carpet that’s now having trouble containing everything that’s under there.  Move along now, nothing to see here.  There was no incident.

Really? So what caused the following bust up then? Can only have been Oyenuga’s terrible tackle.  Effectively, Hibs are getting hammered for a shocking tackle on Jordon Forster.  That’s what the SFA are indicating by their decisions so far.

Add to that the fact that the SFA and Police Scotland are still giving Muttley style laughs as they announced that if you were on the pitch on 21st May 2016 you are still getting a knock on the door.  They’re still calling it a riot.  Oh dear then to Sheffield United and Doncaster fans who invaded the pitch on Saturday afternoon as their teams secured promotion.  Oh no wait.  You don’t come under the SFA’s jurisdiction so your FA and your local police forces will probably just say “tut, tut”.  Slap on the wrists and enjoy your victories.

Not in Scotland though.  Oh no.  Run onto the pitch after 114-year wait for the Scottish Cup and you are the vilest type of criminal the SFA and Police Scotland have ever seen.  Almost a year after the event and Operation Tonish shows no sign of winding down.  I’m so pleased that my taxes are going into this, I mean, Police Scotland are obviously so rich that they can continue to spend money on this.  Either that or it’s so very cheap to view footage for a year and then someone jumps up and shouts “he looked at Wallace the wrong way, bring him in!”.

When does it end?

I don’t have a problem over all with Police Scotland, but this continual insistence to go after people who were partying is terrible.  And, of course, many will make the link between Police Scotland and the SFA.

It’s time for change in Scotland.  The SFA are not up the task that they face.  They aren’t running Scottish football, they aren’t doing what is right for the game up here.  But who will start the change? Malky McKay? The supporters? Anyone?

Lennon is getting some stick for the Morton game at Cappielow.  Yes, he’s the manager but he’s not the players.  It’s just so frustrating how we’re playing just now.  Hibs need to can the hoofball.  We have proven, through Alan Stubbs, that we CAN play football so why we resort to the hoofball is ridiculous.  We played superb football under him and when Lenny took over we did the same.

I ask the Hibs players; where has this lacklustre display come from? What is the reason? You are all capable. You are all good enough.  Why aren’t we putting teams away?


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