Living on my own: The stress of the back bedroom

The back bedroom in my flat has fast become the utter nightmare of the abode. It’s now a room where I only go if I have to.

When I moved in the back bedroom was going to be an office/guest room.  That was the idea anyway.  I’d have two guest beds in one part of the room and my officey section in the other part.  Best made plans and all that.

First of all I’d like to point out that I call the back bedroom such because it is at the back of Fox Towers and that is the simplest of reasons.  My own room is at the front of the upper villa and therefore is the front bedroom so the other bedroom is the back bedroom.  I hope this is understandable.  I mean,

Not quite there yet!

could call the back bedroom the North bedroom and my room the South bedroom but that’s just daft.  My nana had a front and back bedroom, my parents have a front and back bedroom.  It’s like a family thing as my sister also has a front and back bedroom.  It’s basically having two bedrooms, one at the front and one at the back.  I have no idea what I’d do if I lived in a place with two front bedrooms or two back bedrooms or, indeed, a side bedroom.  This is a nightmare I haven’t come across yet and have no desire to either.

Anyway, so the plan was that the back bedroom would have a duel use and, to be fair, it has that and far more.  It’s now a laundry room and store room plus emergency bedroom (if anyone needed it).  Have I managed to get my desk in there? I have not.

The boxes in there are unreal.  I have spent four months getting rid of them while also keeping some should I need to move again even though that’s just mad because I could move without boxes and have no reason to believe that I would have to move but, hey, have to be prepared and all that.

It also seems when I get on top of the boxes and get them off to recycling I then order other things and they arrive in boxes.  However, when I get something in a box I think well it’s OK because I can recycle the boxes whereas when something arrives in a bag it just goes in the general waste. But still, that box takes up space until I have time to jump up and down on it and put it in the recycling bin.  I do my recycling once a fortnight.  I’m not one for regularly filling the bin.  Am I lazy? Maybe but really it’s just something I detest doing but will do it.  So, once a fortnight, just before the green bin is due out, I can been seen jumping on boxes, making sure all the plastic bottles have their tops off because apparently the bottle can be recycled but not the lids (🤔) and sorting through the bins in my house that are not in the kitchen to make sure I’m doing it right.  I then make several trips up and down the stairs to cart all this into the green recycling bin.

Before anyone worries that I’m drowning under recycling until I do this, I’m not.  I have an alcove in my kitchen where my recycling stuff is and and I pile it all there in bags before sorting it.  I much prefer sorting it on one night than doing it at the time.  It’s just how I am.  If I had an online dating website profile I’d probably add that.  Recycles in own time. Or something similar.  Don’t rush me on recycling.  I don’t find it attractive.

Anyway, the back bedroom is a focus yet again.  I’m not going to get away with the fact that it’s going to be part laundry room.  I live in Scotland, I need a place to dry things for when I can’t get them outside.  This is 90% of the time.  Although I have, recently, managed to get out towels, linen and general laundry out on the line for a fantastic blow on the line.  In Scotland this is an achievement and has been discussed at length with family, friends and people at work.

I reckon, if I put the effort in (😅) then I can, in the next couple of months, get it into a state of storeroom, bedroom and laundry room.  My office is going to have to remain in my living room.  This is fine but I’ve no storage so now I’m going to have to look at a new desk to accomodate this which I will do.  Although, if I get the back bedroom right I’ll have some storage room there.

Until then though, the back bedroom has a door that remains closed.  No visitors can see.  It’s a nightmare, for me.  Yes, laundry dries there, quickly but no guest could stay there immediately.  I just go in there when I need to and I close the door on it.  It’s where I keep my vacuum cleaner, my spare toilet rolls and my laundry.  Yet it has so much more potential.  Let’s hope we get there. 😫